Saturday, July 17, 2021

Slave Labor and Mob Rule

 Hey, I'm talking about Brittney Spears. 

Not these children of migrant cotton field workers from May of 1937. Photo by Dorothea Lange.


I am much too old to appreciate the talents of Brittney Spears. She is beautiful and must be a wonderful performer to garner the fans she has. She's dressed very sexy and is aggressively approaching some defenseless male in an airplane in the one that I watched. I did not finish. I did not watch a second. I doubt I would have watched them as young woman. Maybe. I don't know. As a teacher, I appreciated why we weren't allowed to call boys as a teenager. Girls could be outright pests for some boys and their family with incessant phone calling. I got that vibe from the video.

I'm not the sort of person who becomes a super fan. Although I was very disappointed to discover Sean Connery was the same age as my father. The fact that I never met him or knew what he was like; I was in love with him. But I have felt the same love for Tommy Lee Jones and Hal Ketchum. Just a huge crush that was a bit of fun.

It looks like we are going to see what a mean woman Brittney Spears can be to her father. I have a mentally ill sister living with me. None of them need their meds, just ask them. So getting Brittney off a conservatorship without evaluation is going to be an interesting feat. I mean if she does not have a conservator, does not take meds for her mental illness, and her 58 million disappears does she qualify for medicaid or what?

This has hit me personally in that both of my sisters have squandered a great deal of money denying they have a problem. I've picked up the pieces for both. And both are just as candid on what nasty things they have said about me. So this is where I am with Brittney wanting her father prosecuted. How did she get from 2 and a half million to 58 million in the past 13 years with him stealing her money. She only wants to have a baby and marry her 26 year old boyfriend. Brittany Spear's father may be wrong but I doubt he does not love his daughter.

And these fans, who needs a court system with laws when people can just mob up and protest. Frankly, this protesting is too much in this country.  I remember a teacher I worked with had an argument with her child's high school teacher. I wasn't listening in detail because I was eating and having a break. But I remember her summation. The important thing was she got her way. Her son was a jerk. 

There is a huge distance between social justice and Brittany Spears being a slave.

My question is. Why didn't boyfriend hire her a lawyer? 

Another question is why are we to believe Brittney point blank and not listen to her father side.

Another question is why are people close to her so damn scared. They give the response they support Brittany but they don't broach the topic.

Another question involves an on air personality stating he saw Brittney in a drugged like state and observes maybe she does not need her meds. Meds that treat Bi-polar and Schizophrenia do not make you seem drugged. I do know for Bi-Polars, they love the mania but the depression is hell. So if Brittney was drugged, hmm, why? Which leads to the question, why would an educated person who is untrained feel they can make that recommendation.

Another question, who doesn't have a loving father who would be a pain in the arse running their life. My father who I loved was so controlling it made you miserable at times. I can tell you it is a privilege getting to know your elderly parent like my mother. But, my life is constantly observed, edited, etc. I fell last Monday and reinjured a hurt back, a knee and a wrist. I am sleeping in a lift chair beside my mother. We are more connected than when I was two. It is terrible. 

Another question is why does the general public think that someone that has mental illness is a complete imbecile unable to do anything? Schizophrenics make up 1 percent of the population. Of that one percent, roughtly 10 to 20 percent have lifelong psychotic episodes. Which means 80 to 90 percent do not. People with Bi-Polar make up another one percent. Twenty percent of people at any given time are suffering from mental illness. So how do we jump to the conclusion that someone with mental illness is non-functional.

I think Brittany should get what she wants. As long as you aren't hurting other people or doing anything criminal, you have the right to live your life as you want. One thing that is hard for parents is to step back and allow your child to live their lives mistakes and all. I do understand why celebrities are speaking up. It allows them to tap into Brittney's fan base. Some may have strong genuine feelings on Brittany's behalf. My concern would be the level of mental illness that she suffers. There is a huge difference between someone being treated for mental illness and someone who is not treated. 

From Brittany Spears anger I feel a confusion. Is she vicious? Is it righteous anger? Who knows. But we will read dribble about her poor miserable life off and on for a while.

Meanwhile, the West coast of the United States is burning. There is flooding in Europe. People are dying of Covid who intentionally declined the vaccine. I know. A cousin of mine recently passed from Covid. The misinformation from so called experts who has made some people paranoid about a supposed Big Brother aspect of everyone getting the vaccine is the problem. I really would like Brittany Spears to go after these folks. Their misinformation is killing people.


  1. I have a friend who is refusing to take the vaccine and she says her family would be angry if she did. Really? Joan is 80 years old and she's afraid of what her family thinks about getting protected? I don't know. I don't know their family history except what she tells me. I don't know Britney either or her father so I'll leave it to the courts.

    1. I had a cousin who passed from Covid this past week and she truly felt the vaccine was dangerous. I was not to close to her in that she was my mom's first cousin yet was the same age as me. I noticed her son has a I'm vaccinated on his Facebook page. I feel so much sadness in that so many are being mislead for terrible reasons.

  2. Even over here we get very one sided opinions about Brittany. I wish her well but essentially it isn't our business.
    There are much more important issues on my mind - and you touched on some of them. I wish we devoted as much care/concern/energy (and money) to people affected by those issues as we do the celebrities.

    1. True celebrities get a lot of press. I have felt sad for so many when the press gets too much into their lives.

      I have a friend who has written a memoir and she is very excited about getting it published. It is a good memoir; but being an ordinary person, it will be an anomaly if it does as well as her hopes.

  3. I'm not familiar with Britney-father story, but I agree with you that Britney "should get what she wants".
    Yes, Covid, fires, flooding, are worrying issues!

    1. Some of the Brittney story bothers me is cultural. Brittany Spears is from the same cultural group I am a part of and traditionally fathers meddle big time in their daughter's lives if they aren't married. Married, they will still meddle but they are supposed to back off. Antiquated I know.

      But yes, you do feel funny that her life is on the same level as these natural disasters.

  4. I'm not following the Britney Spears stuff at all, so I have no useful comments to make. But you're right that people with mental illness can be perfectly functional in daily life. I once worked with a guy who was diagnosed as schizophrenic but he had no problem doing his job (we were both working in a bookshop).

    I'm baffled by people who're so stubbornly opposed to vaccination. They're just wilfully blind to the science.

    1. I've heard that Brittney Spears work is selling better. Like Betty Davis said, "Even bad publicity is good publicity." I'm going to make a effort to not read anymore about Brittney.

      We've all been vaccinated but I plan to minimize our outings for a few weeks. I don't want to find out we are part of the 5% who will get Covid.

  5. I've only heard bits and pieces of the Brittany Spears story. I have been worrying too much about all the natural disasters going on all over the world and wondering if we are already too late to do anything about it. Then Covid on top of it all and all the idiots who still won't get the vaccine - it's just insane!

    1. Insane is the word. It is just miserable the pigheadedness. Locally, this man is making a big deal that his children will not wear masks at school. Why does he think his unvaccinated children can't contract a bad case of Covid.


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