Thursday, July 22, 2021

Getting an IV Drip

 I had to look up whether an IV drip was made for treating a bout of heavy drinking after reading about a singer who drank too heavily on a television show where the host imbibes too much alcohol with his guests. Article Here. It turns out, there are IV bars where people get an IV for having drank too much alcohol or for general health benefits. Article Here.

Fads come and go, you see pictures from 40 or 50 years ago and you don't even notice you were so immersed. I remember bellbottoms and miniskirts. Coming home from college I wore a below knee length skirt which shook up my friends at church. I was going mod on them in an ugly fashion sense. I agreed with everyone that the longer skirt looked strange. At 18, you can have three or four opinions without embarrassment.

I've always been a linear thinker. Oh I have had a few epiphanies. They were far and few between. So I was a bit impressed with this 34 year old Texan named Matt Tunstall who has lived in California for the past three years where he has created two political PACs. The PACs impersonate Trump and draws most of it's donations from retirees. Essentially what money is spent on politics is to create robocalls. Both PACs have collected 3.4 million dollars based on federal filings. And yes, most of the funds are used to pay Matt a generous paycheck. There has also been filings of missing funds. Hmmmm

Needless to say, this guy is living the life of Riley. He tools around Los Angeles in an expensive sports car, wears designer glasses, jewelry and clothes. Calling himself an influencer on Instagram and tik tok, he gives himself credit as an award winning writer and executive producer on LinkedIn. But he basically shams old people into making donations in their devotion to Donald Trump. Then he adds insult to injury in that he uses what he needs to keep the PAC legal? on robocalls tooting different causes of the Trump. CNN article about Tunstall's PAC

Unethical is all I can say to describe him. But you have to admit, he is ingenious in generating all that cash. It will be interesting to find how his future works. I certainly would not want a daughter to marry him. You would know going in, he is shallow money grubber. I've wondered if he will have a "come to Jesus moment" to excuse his manipulation of people for money. Hopefully he will not become a televangelist and really rake in the dough. 

My brother was a Trumper and I am a never Trumper. We agreed on one thing, never send a politician money. 

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has raised 3.4 million dollars since her election. Who says talking smack does not pay. She and Matt Gaetz have been traveling the country talking about issues that get some people all riled up. Both have a chance of a snowball in hell of being re-elected. Matt Gaetz may be serving time for having sex with an underage female. (Maybe, his father is very wealthy and it is Florida.) Mountain people who elected Greene don't like looking like fools. There must be about twenty people interested in running for her office. But I think she gets to keep the money. 

I rarely donate to the large charities. I donate locally to the many small non-profits that help people in central Georgia. 

Any way, I don't think I will be getting an IV drip anytime soon. At least I hope not. And my head just swims with the audacity and greed of people sometimes. But this is one retiree they hopefully will never get a dime from. I hope. My mom's mind slips at times, but she still knows how to manage her money.

This is my second great grandfather and family. I think my great grandfather Duard William Bennett is the young man on the horse in the back. 


  1. Huge sigh.
    I don't donate to politicians who are paid enough from the public purse.
    I am careful about charities too.
    Influencer is a profession that seems to have only recently emerged. I freely admit that it makes me uncomfortable. Far too many of them seem to make bucket loads of money converting/convincing/swindling (your choice) the gullible.

    1. The dubious nature of influencers is accentuated by their shallowness. I worked for a non-profit that worked from a local museum where I witnessed the power of PR.

  2. Given my reservations about all the main UK political parties, I never donate to them. I only donate to charities that I believe will spend the money wisely and not fritter it away on admin and publicity stunts.

    Re Matt Tunstall and PACs, I gather Trump has made plenty of money from his recent fundraising, more than enough to pay all his campaigning debts with plenty left over to fund his other activities.

  3. There are a lot of people out there just finding new ways to scam people. It's sad.

  4. I detest politics and all politicians regardless of party or even country.Donations have become a tricky matter. One never knows exactly where the money goes to.

  5. Great generational photo. The family photo of one of my branches also has a framed photo of a deceased family member included. Never saw another before yours.
    As for scam artists, my blood boils to think of the ways elderly folks are relieved of their hard earned money.

  6. I've heard that people who can't afford it are donating to Trump and he's got 100 million in his war chest. He's a cult leader. Why can't people see that?


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