Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Words are powerful. Words are often said with lack of forethought. The hardest ones are those said which you no longer believe.

It has been 26 years since O J Simpson killed his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. I think he killed her. The dog present was a Spitz and that dog would have attacked a stranger for harming its owner.  Judgement is mine says the Lord; so God forgive me if I am wrong. One of the detectives, Mark Fuhrman, was asked if he used the n word. Fuhrman said no. The defense immediately proved he used the word which allowed the jury to consider that all his testimony was possibly lies. 

That was a racially charged case that made the daily news until my dad would answer the phone, if you are going to talk about O J or the flood, hang up. We also had a flood in July of 94 in central Georgia.

What I was always dumbfounded about was Mark Fuhrman saying he had never said the n word. All whites of a certain age used the pejorative at one time. My mom considered it cursing and you better not say it around her. It was negro or colored you were to use which are considered pejoratives now. I've heard whites get in a dither on what you should call black people. Times change and popular opinion changes. On a deeper level, people change their attitudes. 

Back to Mark Fuhrman, why didn't someone tell him to tell the truth whether it was embarrassing or not. His credibility was at stake. But no one wants to admit to being a bigot. Some of the most embarrassing moments of my life was when I tried to hide uncomfortable truths. 

I wonder about the LAPD in Mark Fuhrman not being prepared for the aggressiveness of the defense attorneys to label him a racist and a liar to mitigate his negative testimony. My dad said be careful answering a lawyer's questions, a question can have a twist. 

Public figures are held to a different standard in voicing unpopular opinions. But what I don't agree with is an 18 year old self's opinion being used to judge a 40 something or older self. I think of myself at 18. I had some opinions so long ago, I don't remember them. If I remember correctly, some of my opinions were just to be a bit rebellious. 

I have a fascination with the political opinions of my classmates. It is interesting who is a conservative and who is a liberal and who is in between and the political party they identify with. For many of us, there was no prediction of where we landed. Maybe.

There is a difference between speech and actions. There is also the capacity for change. One problem all censorship does creates is people do not share what they feel or think. I'm considered a bitch by some. It has to do with I will tell people uncomfortable truths if they need to know them. More like, their health or pocketbook is going to be affected. 

Lately it is over the vaccine. I don't get into any conversation deliberately. But if asked, I say get the vaccine. It makes me miserable that really nice people cannot recognize that they are being bullsh--d about the vaccine. The vaccine is saving a lot of lives. 

People talk about technicalities like titering their antibodies due to a previous infection when the best protection is the vaccine. If I have to read 5 paragraphs how you have had cancer and did the research, I know you are an anti-vaxxer apologist. Get the vaccine if you are able. There are some who cannot get the vaccine due to health reasons. That is why the rest of us need to get the vaccine. To stop a terrible virus that can infect us all. Honestly, I think it will be a decade before the virus is dealt with. If it is vanquished at all. 

We use the phrase "n word" in our house for chicken nuggets. My mom's dog Josey eats a few nuggets every morning. When we drive by Chick fil A, her eyes watch the sign as we approach and pass by. 

You cannot say chicken or nugget in her presence without her wanting some chicken. Soon we will need another word. She is a smart dog. She will know n word is just another word for nugget or chicken. 

JoJo, the chicken nugget eater


  1. Jojo is a black beauty!
    We(Israel)are one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, and yet we are close to disaster. So, it's best to keep your opinion to yourself and not advise people on something nobody knows what's going on.

    1. Jojo is a pretty girl who is getting a little too fat. She has been a wonderful pet for my mother.

      You are right about advice. No one wants to hear it. Another childhood friend passed recently from Covid. I have a feeling we are in for a long haul with Covid.

  2. Who ever it was that coined the phrase sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me was an unmitigated liar.
    Many of us bear scars from tongue lashing. Sadly the wounds often reopen too.
    JoJo is a beauty, and is obviously too smart for your (and perhaps her) good.

  3. The constant changing of terminology on sensitive subjects is very confusing, and I'm often uncertain which word is now the fashionable or polite option. At some point "diabetics" became "people with diabetes" even though diabetics themselves weren't fussed, they just wanted better care and medical treatment.

    Indeed, if some of my teenage opinions were dug up now, some of them would no doubt be highly embarrassing, and to judge people by their remarks of decades ago seems dubious to say the least.

    I don't understand the anti-vaxxers. It's obvious to me that vaccines are a powerful weapon against the virus. If there had never been vaccinations, many of us wouldn't be alive today.

  4. JoJo is adorable. My dog knows a few words too and I find it funny that I have to spell certain words to my daughter or my dog will go nuts. Chicken, treat, walk, outside, eggs and wanna go? Are all words he understands.

  5. Wish there was a crystal ball to know what to expect next from the pandemic. But the game keeps changing. I've even started ordering groceries to be delivered again while waiting for the booster. The photo of JoJo is priceless.

  6. Words sure do have power, both written and spoken. Like so many, I don't understand anti-vaxxers. And, as for those hospitalized who curse the health care workers and their counterparts who slash their tires and require some to have escorts to their cars at the end of the shift, there just are no words, spoken or otherwise. My classmates - I am in touch with only a handful plus at least one is deceased. I've never thought of their political leanings. For the ones I'm in touch with, I do know but only because they have volunteered it. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  7. Hi, Ann!

    What a thoughtful commentary. I agree with you about O.J. And I don't think race should have ever been a factor since it had nothing to do with the murder. Cancel Culture may be the latest road to perdition, but at least we all know where everybody is going ;-)

    I love the picture of Jo-jo! That sweet face is hard to resist ;-) Our girls (choc Labs) know the word Walk. We've taken to using sign language if we're not ready to go on one ;-)

    Take care!

  8. Josey is adorable. I never heard the "n" word in Hawaii when I was growing up. I think OJ was guilty too.

  9. You are a lucky lady, living with dogs! Have scrolled some of your photos.....happy critters! I love the doggy eyes watching as you pass the chicken nugget place!


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