I read "Under and Alone" by William Queen

Under and Alone is a fascinating account by William Queen of his time spent as an undercover agent with the ATF. William Queen became a full-fledged member of a criminal motorcycle gang which few thugs were up to the challenge of joining.

I am one of those people who have several books open in my house and cars that I read simultaneously. William Queen's book went in my purse. I was not disappointed. Once I began reading, I finished that day.

The interesting part of this hold the book had was that I had heard many of the high points in a talk he made at the Writer's Police Academy. Being a novice writer, I had no business attending the academy with so many professionals present. It was an incredible eye opener to the world and police procedures.

As a retired teacher, I think the book should be read in high schools. I have taught the great unwashed over the years. We have a few bad students, parents and teachers. What so many people don't know is that so many people are really good people. Having an awareness of the criminal element would help many young people from getting entangled with more than they can handle.

I loved the part where people who so many would consider part of the dangerous motorcycle folks would caution William Queen to think hard about his new associates. Even his first contact into the club gave him full warning and a chance to leave before he became a prospect.

I know some students would acquire an attraction for this element. This was an interesting element of William Queen's story. He discusses the reason why men get into this life. He posits an opinion of the women who become the property, girlfriends and wives of these men. Being a feminist, I think hey, you mean they don't enlist women. Second I think, why would these women ever accept their degrading, passive roles.

What I liked about William Queen's narrative is his love for humanity of people. that bonding and acceptance of another person, the willful choice to know what side of the law he served.

He said he would not do it again with the price he had to pay. Going undercover for over two years and the subsequent relocation of his children; he has no relationship with his now adult children. What he did served law enforcement's knowledge of these organisations and brought to justice to some criminals.

I only wish when I listened to him speak that I did not thank him for his service. His energy was so strong. I understand why those outlaw motorcyclist where able to accept him.  I do believe that all our lives have a purpose. I know someone who has to work with some incredible jerks. I told her that sometimes I feel like the purpose of our life is to shine a light in a sea of darkness.

Anyway, if you want a thought provoking, engaging read, look the book up.

Fascinating book


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