Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exercise Plans

It's hard to get anything done when you are pulled every sort of way. My tactic of approaching whatever comes my way willy nilly is more miss than hit. However, the few hits I get are worth my efforts.

I attempted nanowrimo this month and have failed. I only have about 30,000 words done with a total of 50,000 to win. I hate not making the mark. The story I am writing really says something I believe in although it is definitely a fantasy story.

Picking yourself up when you fail is no easy feat. I should know. I have done it so many times. I had a boss that would rip you to shreds. It took two weeks to get it together on the inside. The irony is he was incompetent. He would give everyone this story of how he really screwed up when he was a young adult and his parents wouldn't help him and he was 29.

Being female and working class and in my 40s, I disliked his story. Screwing up for a young woman means having a baby and not being able to support themselves or have a stable relationship to help raise the child. Screwing up as a working class person means poverty. He was one of those people who stood on third base when they were born. Making the home run in life was easier for him. I stood on second base.

There is a humbleness you feel when you realize how much others have to struggle. I had an evening school student who was incredibly slippery and lied for no reason. As I got to know him, he worked two jobs to help support his mom and younger siblings. When he graduated, I knew his older brother who was reported to be a drug dealer. He was a kid who had no respect for authority or adults. He was a kid that stood up to his father who was sexually abusing him because he was not going to tolerate him doing it to the baby. The power of the internet allowed me to see what he was doing. He owns a small business repairing air conditioners.

This is not a funny blog today. I'll rewrite it tomorrow with a funny bend. Give me feedback when I hit the mark.

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