Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall is my favorite time of the year

 I like watching the season's change.  Fall has so much to offer. A summer time daisy flower becomes a fluffy wad of puffs that brown and disappear leaving the sepals to form a brown daisy. Still lovely in monochrome. Spring is pretty wondrous. But it is the animals migrating in fall that affect me.

I live next to a hunting area. The deer come up on my property during deer season and the turkeys come during turkey season. For some reason they know they are safe in this area.

I like the huge flocks of black birds. I have looked at them up close. They are mostly red winged blackbirds. There are brown sparrows mixed in. They drape themselves over fields and decorate trees with the intensity of their large flocks. In the beginning of fall, the flocks are small. By December they are quite large and coincide with the last of the Pecan harvest. One time I stood out on my driveway about three tenths of a mile from the road as a flock flew over. It was a loud roar like the ocean and took over five minutes. They obviously keep joining until the whole family gathers.

There are some Canadian geese that still migrate. We have year round flocks at small ponds built in the area. There is a millionaire down the road with a large pond. We never see any geese there. I wonder what he does to keep the ducks and geese from coming.

As I entered the house today, I couldn't see them but I could hear Canadian geese flying overhead. They can fly so high you can barely see them. Calling back and forth as if there was a perpetual echo in the heavens. I saw one small flock of about 9 birds. I kept looking toward the sound, there were several maybe eight V formations. A smaller V merged with a large V. In another V, the birds were changing position.

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