Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Living in the fast lane.

I have such an exciting life. Today is senior citizen day at the grocery store and today is also mystery coupon day at the grocery store my mother likes the most. So, when I get home after taking my brother to his job, my mom will be dressed and ready. We will be grocery shopping whether we need groceries or not.

We have enough groceries bought to last awhile.

It's 6 am and I've got a 5 pound lap piranha wrapped around my neck as I type this. She looks to be mostly chihuahua. I know she is at least 1/4 jack russell on her mother's side. I hope she doesn't get too much bigger. She'll eventually wake the house up early if she can't have her coveted position.

As soon as I finish this post, I plan to run my mop over as much of the house as possible before everyone gets up. I retired early to take care of these people I love. I remember the last year my father was alive. It's like I would hear a little voice that said these are the good times. I made time to spend a day with my parents once a week. I broke the rule the weekend before his death. I was coming the following Tuesday. I did come home the following Tuesday. Too late to see him one more time.

I regret not being able to do things with the enthusiasm as I did in the past. Working full-time, I got behind with staving off the clutter and organization of my house. There is an awareness you get when you stop work and slowdown. You realize first of all, you ain't got as much money anymore which is fearsome. You also see all the problems you were too busy to notice.

I've got too many animals. The mother of this little neck warmer peed on my office rug. I paid $5 at the dollar store for it but I did want to keep it clean and longer. I adopted a small pregnant dog. We kept all the pups. Living in the country, they are great mousers. Plus they have done much for the mental health of us all.

This post is as exciting as my life. It doesn't sound like much but it describes what this blog will be about. Dogs, love, care-taking, grocery shopping, exercising, reminiscing about the good old days when I had a job, taking care of my mother, brother and sister. These are the good times. I promise to make it funny.

Ce la vie.

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