Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I got a solicitation from Chesty friends today.  I've had men and a few women look at my breasts as they talked to me. Imagine your boobs get asked out on a date. I guess you can eat whatever you want and not have to worry about making good conversation.  Luckily, if they use your email, they send your password to your profile so you can leave their lovely dating service.

I'm interested in meeting someone. Just not someone that shallow at my age. Looks matter and I know that is  true.  I have never been the hot chick. After a bout of a co-worker hassling me for sex one time, I realized I was lucky not to be incredibly good looking with the logic that I would have had to deal with it more. I don't know. I'm also overweight and we are supposed to have terrible self esteem.

I worked out in an effort to lose weight and feel better. One of the water aerobic instructors kept after me about getting a bust reduction. What I couldn't get over was didn't these women look in the mirror. How attractive can you be when you get a certain age. Most overweight women are busty.

What made me dislike the woman was not her constant harping over a pretty serious surgery. It was the way I shut her up. I said I had never met a man who had a problem with my big breasts. Actually, I lied. I have never discussed them with almost all men. The idea that I did not want to have surgery and they didn't bother me I guess was not reason enough for her. Yes I do resist the urge to suggest a face lift to her.

I think I will work on changing my email password. Ce la vie.


  1. You just made me laugh! I can only imagine.. and I am also starting to get a little nervous (about to go through a divorce..)
    Dating is for the birds.
    Love that you started a blog. Now add a widget on the side so I can follow you! :-) Take care.

  2. hahah! ROFL. ! Very well replied! Witty!


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