Saturday, March 23, 2013


Lately, all of my plans have crumbled. I have bought admission to several events and did not get to go for various reasons I bought tickets for a dinner theater a week ago. And yes, several if not all will be unused

The reason is serious. My mom's in the hospital which is actually lucky. She casually mentioned a pain in her chest. She had a doctor's appointment Friday morning. She didn't want to tell the doctor because she would have to undergo tests.

Mom has atriofibrulation which has probably been undiagnosed due to an intermittent nature. They are putting her on blood thinner to reduce the risk of stroke

I'm in a state of shock and panic deep inside. Could I lose my mother? I've known it was a possibility for quite awhile. She has older aunts alive which I thought may be true for her and still could be. The degeneration of old age is not for the faint of heart.

Two of the chi chi mixes spend the night with her. It was heartbreaking how they faithfully ran to her room each time they came in the house from a walk or bathroom break. This morning, little Daisy was so downcast, she only watched the other dogs eat.

I'm glad the condition was caught. It means more time in the world of the living for my mother. She has much pain from arthritis. Her mind is alert and active. My handicapped siblings rely on her greatly emotionally. I know I can never fill her shoes in this regard.

Tonight, say a prayer for my family. Thanks.

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