Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thanking my Lucky Stars.

I've been participating in quite a few writing challenges. I know the appeal. You got your prompt. Not as much grinding of the grey matter.

One thing I have learned about the blog are my real opinions. Some of them have been surprises. I am one of those people who avoids deep thoughts. Life dishes it out pretty raw at time and I have never enjoyed those moments.

On Facebook, I have encountered two realities. One is a webcam from a state troopers car in which a car veers in the wrong lane just a little bit on a snowy highway. The correction goes haywire and a big accident ensues. The SUV that veered just a wee bit is blasted into smithereens by a big rig. Surreal and titled, How quickly life can change.

The other item is a national news story. It is about the man in Florida who lost his life when a sinkhole formed under his house. These sinkholes are natural but they also occur because we pump water out of the ground faster than the water can re-enter leaving potential sinkholes. The water supports the limestone caverns. Without water, they collapse.

One thing I know, I'm blessed.


  1. I see the snowy road and I'm immediately transported back to all of our drives over the mountains in the winter and the familiar knot in my stomach tightens. Come on Spring!

  2. I read both those stories and they are both devastating.. That crash was horrific..

    Glad I tracked you down.. Thanks for calling in at my blog...( The WordPress One..)x


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