Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back to blogging.

I took a break. Actually, the computer I had hooked to the internet broke. I wasn't knowledgeable enough to know the password for the wifi of my router was on the side of the router. As usual I am swamped with other things to do. It was nice to take a break.

Like all things when you step back, you make observations and decisions. With my blog, I've decided less is more.

I enjoy the trifecta writing challenges. Twice a week I will make a post to enter their challenges. By Tuesday of each week, I will post a piece of flash fiction for trifecta. Then by Saturday, I will write a 33 word response to their weekend challenge. By Thursday, I will make a personal post. It might be a movie review, book review or what's up with me.

I love the friends I am making with the blog. Lots of generous, upbeat people which I need in my life. You would think tapping on a computer would be isolating but for me it gives me a chance to get out and meet folks.

I've hooked up with twitter. I will never tweet much. Clever one liners are not that common. I never volunteered in classes because I always liked hearing what someone else thought. My twitter handle is @annbennett12 or .  Note the 12.  One day, I think I will look up and follow the other Ann Bennetts, my twitter clones. Unless one is a drag queen, he would be an original.

I have promised myself that I would not make political statements. Not that I don't have convictions. Its just that 1. I am not a political know it a - I still change my mind; 2. There is no one way to skin a cat; 3. Like someone who disagrees is going to change their mind - We all got our own point of view.

I have two other blogs that I plan to contribute on a weekly basis.   is very active and I have only 40 posts and pages on it. It is designed for science teachers. My commitment is to post at least once a month if not weekly. Currently, I am putting together instructions for polyhedron activities. I don't get many comments but I do get a lot of "hits" and little spambots. I know teachers work hard.  is not very active and personal. I have fought the battle of the bulge for the past 30 years. I've made peace with the battle but it is an ongoing struggle. I sign up for three 5K's in the winter and early spring. Anyone who knows me, I hate the heat. Being a native Georgian, I appreciate the irony.

Anyway, this old butt is in training. Sign up for my races if you live nearby. I do recommend that you don't sign up for a 5k more than 50 miles away. A long journey starting at 3 or 4 am is not a way to go. I pack my breakfast, brew a pot of coffee, get dressed, feed my dogs and head out. I get up around 6 am for family duties so it is not as big a burden on the few 5K's I do.

The blog is more to motivate myself and hey if it helps someone else, wonderful, wonderful. The person I care the most about is someone young and beating themselves up about being overweight. I know they struggle with the problem and I hope they don't define themselves as overweight. People my age usually know there is much more to life than your appearance. Unfortunately time can be rough on all of us.

Well you know my plan. Take care, Ann

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