Friday, October 25, 2013

Dang that Purple Sneast

Trifecta Writing Challenge - 33 word tale describing a beast that resides in unlikely places.

This beast, the purple haired Sneast, is pretty sneaky. He comes around when your notepad or recorder isn't handy.

A thief of a beast,                        
That purple haired Sneast
Who steals my rhymes.                      

How do I forget that purple hair,
When random thoughts lurk.
As I do housework,
The beast, the Sneast, feasts,


  1. This feels Dr. Suess/Cat-in-the-Hat-ish (that's a good thing.)

  2. Dr. Seuss is my favorite writer. I was hoping he didn't have a character named a sneast. I decided not to google it.

  3. Ha! In all seriousness, this is a familiar problem. I do most of my "writing" on my bicycle riding to and from work - it's the only respite I have from yammering children (bless their little hearts). My solution so far has been to more or less memorize the bits and pieces that come to mind and write them down when I get home. It's awfully tricky, though.

  4. Good one, Ann! I get ideas in the middle of the night, think they are brilliant, fall asleep again, and by morning the Sneast has had a feast as well;)

  5. it should worry you least

  6. Lovely Sneast Beast! LOL Great use of the 33 words.

  7. Very good take on the prompt !

  8. So fun and that Sneast is sneaky!

  9. I love the stealth of rhymes...

  10. Ha!ha!Anne,that's so cute-loved it!

  11. He looks pretty sneaky. Better keep both eyes open when he's around Thanks for linking up!

  12. The sneast, that beast, dumps out all the yeast!
    So you can't make the bread
    and all the people at the feast
    must eat candy and pie instead.

    1. The children would love that! I like your rhyme!


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