Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No bananas

This is my 99 word submission to celebrate Trifecta's 99th writing challenge. I chose the word "Back".

This is the link to Trifecta -

$256.73 was the deposit total. Alison slammed the register drawer and began to push the cart of return plants.  

A worn cigaret voice drifted from behind.

"You got ananner plants?"

"Not that I know".

Eloise Sasser's strong blue eye fixed on Alison. Alison stopped walking away.  The walleye seemed to know Allison wanted her to leave.

"How do you spell 'anander'?"

"You can't spell ananner."

“No anander plants.”

The manager’s voice sings from the back, “Just in time, Eloise, we close in five minutes and two banana trees are left.”

“I thought you said you hain’t got no ananners.


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  2. Cute story! Love Alison's weariness alongside the perseverance of old Eloise! Thanks for linking up and tell all you know to join the Trifecta 99 party!

  3. Maybe she wanted to grow some manners. Eloise could probably use some too.

  4. Heh. After a long day, I can totally relate to her attitude. :)

  5. The hardest job, hands down, is one that makes you deal with the customers.

  6. What a frustrating interaction - especially at the end of the day!

  7. Customers may always be right, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want to smack them;) I totally agree with Kymm-one of the hardest jobs there is! I used to work in a very small fabric store-located right next to a Safeway. A guy came in once and picked the cheapest item he could find-a spool of thread, and then wanted to pay for it with a hundred dollar bill. I politely refused, because I tried to explain that it would clean out my till. He was such a jerk about it-and he could easily have gone to Safeway where change for a big bill wouldn't have been a big deal. I still like to slap him-in my imagination;)

  8. oh yes, it's hard to always be "on", always be "kind" , always understand. While this was about customers and service, I think about my 5 yr olds and their endless questions, some of them very hard to understand. (Demands must be must with 5 yr old twins) and I might have been known to say "USE YOUR WORDS!" once or twice , this week. Ahem.

    I liked this.

  9. I really liked this one, loved the voices!


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