Thursday, January 16, 2014

Change within the generations

Baby boomers move over. Generation X, Generation Y and the Millennials are here. Where we were concerned with making money, fame titillates them more.

The adage that those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it. Life will be what it is. As the daughter of a man who belonged to a union, I am disappointed to see what my father's generation worked so hard for disappear.

Unions lost favor because organized crime got a foothold. Anything governed by people can be corrupted. One of the big lessons I learned at work was there was a political momentum wherever you worked that could not be stopped.

I've lived a great deal of my life and don't have children. I don't like what we have passed down to the next generation. In our pursuit of money we have justified making money as more legitimate than living with dignity.

I'm not talking about the cons like Bernie Madoff, I'm talking about Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton who really have no specific talent but do have the "look". I can't fault them for capitalizing on their nebulous talent.

The lack of focus on education is responsible for this dumbing down in our media arts. Country music which has always uplifted its audience has fallen. Music glorifies a so-called redneck lifestyle that was painful for those of us that grew up in it. You would think drinking beer to excess and promiscuity at a jukejoint was the norm.

As a woman the television show Girls gives me a chill. It has won awards and accolades and depicts such shallow, weak Girls. True young working girls do flounder at times. Society has no place for a woman not shaping up in adulthood. The show does not give a taste of reality which is "grow up now" newly independent adults feel.

I do appreciate that film and television cut to the chase which means there is no courtship just slam, bam thank you mam. Sex titillates not the banter that leads to sex. What are wonderful memories of many couples never are portrayed.

The purpose of this post. Hell if I know. It's like a story my dad told me as a kid. After World War II, an older man told all the young workers, "The world was a mess when I came, and its a mess now."

I'm also a feminist as everyone walking around with a vagina should be. I couldn't find the news on NPR but there was a discussion about women who self promoted were not liked. We all know what that means, the dreaded "bitch" syndrome. What is acceptable for men is not OK for women and how interviews can be done for women to display what they have accomplished, in other words, self promote. Savvy women know to skate along the line. This is a reason we have a glass ceiling.

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