Monday, January 20, 2014

S J Realization

Take one step forward and three steps backward is my mantra. Not by choice.

I've been working on a screenplay which I know would be inexpensive to do. At this point I just want to have fun. But, I would love for the whole shebang qualify for a film festival. An academy award would be great as in improbable.

I watched a show I dislike and had a Susie-Jessika realization. I might not like the show and the scene was disgusting. But if I don't produce something novel in each scene, my flick will be a bore. Action please.

I'll explain a Susie-Jessika realization. The SJR occurs when someone breaks the rules to be popular and they get what they want. Similar to the Alan Hunnicut political strategy. Alan Hunnicut in high school made all kinds of outrageous promises he couldn't keep to be elected class president. And he was elected. We all learned something.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

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