Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Close but no cigar

My mind has been swimming with ideas brought on by stress. My mother fell and could have died Sunday morning. All my life that is how big life tragedies have been for me. Bang! My dad died of a massive heart attack. I could go on but my family would want to kill me.

Good news is mom is on the mend. She hit her head against a dresser and got a 8 inch cut on her scalp. She bled profusely which is due to the blood thinner she takes. I knew she was in trouble and called 911. They did their job. It's a rural area and the volunteer firemen helped lift her and get her on the gurney in the ambulance.

She also had a hematoma the size of a cantaloupe on her knee. I saw the x-ray as it was made. I noticed the patella was knocked into the wrong place, then I realized I was looking at her knee replacement. Bone and artificial joint looked good. Fortunately I read the x-ray correctly.

Lots of healing to do but things are looking up. I just pray God gives me the will and resolve to withstand having to deal with such heartbreaking events. I came home from the hospital Saturday to see about my sister and brother. I just sat reading email to clear my mind.

To know death's door was so close. It started as a lazy Sunday morning and escalated. I hate, I mean absolutely hate the pain my mother had to endure. My sister ran to tell me about the fall but I heard the moan.

Anyway, most of the household is back to normal. Take care folks -

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  1. I'm so glad your mother will be okay! It sounds like you've had more than enough trauma to deal with. I'm sure you're taking care of your sister and brother, but don't forget to take care of yourself as well!


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