Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Carts and Horses

Oh my word, I am having such a hard time with my horse. I got this dang cart in my way.

I created this blog which really should be named, the blog of slow traffic, to create that thing called a writer's platform. Little did I know I have plenty of time.

My writing career is a series of one step forward and great big push back. I love this blog in that it has been a teaching tool for me. You should see the blog posts I never publish. Don't feel cheated. Most of them are long and boring. I don't take out the redundancies.

It's just that I have gotten a passion for writing what I hope to be the first screenplays and books that might be sale-able. I've written the garbage part. To think this might be only a hobby bites me.

And it leads me back to so much to choose from. I'll be blogging less but hopefully better. I'll post books I have read that rock. I'll be writing. I mean my bright blue witches have the right to see the light of day.

Ce la Vie

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