Monday, September 1, 2014

Getting a sexy black riding mower

Sometimes its you. It's you that is having the problem.

I am about 14 months shy of being 59 1/2. It is an improbable age I never thought would occur. But as I edge closer, the money in an annuity I have would be so useful. I locked it away in a low interest account that was guaranteed. I remember when an annuity salesman laughed at me for wanting a guaranteed account in front of some fellow teachers. Well many of those teachers signed their butts up.

The stock market was rich at that time. I just remembered my dad's words. Don't put anything into the stock market that you aren't willing to lose. My dad lived through the depression plus I knew twenty years was a long time before I could touch the money.

I really thought I would never spend any of it and leave it as a legacy to a local charity. My dad didn't like it at all. I started the account when I was 32. At the time, I put $100 in a month before taxes which was really about $70 of real money to me. I decided it was worth the gamble.

When the stock market floundered around 9/11, people had already been losing money on their annuities a year before, I got a letter from my friendly annuity company to drop my guaranteed account and go for one based on the stock market. Mama didn't raise no fool, I declined the generous offer. (Sarcasm intended.)

Anyway, I am one of the few who kept my money after the latest dust ups with the stock market. Mind you, it is nothing to get rich with but enough to do some remodeling, purchase a late model minivan and a tractor.

Now did you expect me to stay on the same topic?

It ain't happening. My real topic is the realization that a new generation has taken over and thinks differently than us boomers. I went to buy a riding lawnmower last night at a big box. It was 5% off or free financing for a year.

Well, I had made the trip a week ago to the same retail big box.  The nut in the middle of the Briggs and Stratton engine of the Husquarva was rusted. I was keen on the purchase - American made. We can't complain about products made elsewhere when we don't buy our own. I had cold feet. Technically, I am on a budget and $1700 is a lot to spend at the moment. I got property taxes and house insurance due in October. Plus, I plan to buy a tractor when my money loosens up. A riding mower will be redundant.

Thoughts just a swirling, I go home and settle down and tell myself, I deserve to live it up a little and buy myself that mower. I go to a different big box because it is closer and I hate driving with a trailer hitched. No one is there to help. I go to customer service and lo and behold it is Mr. Jerkface. I have met him before and he is every bit as old as me.

Jerk is actually pretty nice and tells me I cannot get the 5 percent off without using their credit. I told him the terms at the other store and asked to speak to a manager. I told him I came to buy and they would miss out on the sale if they could not give me 5 percent off. The he quotes this pearl, "No you will not get the privilege to purchase the mower." I was aggravated and asked to speak to a manager.

I got an assistant manager who was nice and cool with me. He would give me 5% off but it was not part of the program. Still feeling aggravated I declined. He was not rude to me but he was maintaining his position. Actually I felt bad because I knew it was making his day difficult. Jerkface sails off and of course denied meaning what he said. I did not buy the mower because I felt they should appreciate my business and of course it had taken me a week to get over my bout of cold feet and there they were walking me out the door.

I purchased a riding mower from Sears in Macon. It is a better more expensive one than I had gone to fetch last night. It will be delivered for $30 Wednesday. The salesman was so nice I almost bought the $600 service plan. He did make it sound like a good deal. But I didn't. More than anything, he made my purchase fun. I also got a $100 gift card in the deal. Sears was a smidgen more expensive but they have a better repair program. Plus the engine was a Kohlers which does cost more wherever you shop.

Yes, I had to use my credit card to get the five percent off.

This is where it was me. I like to be treated as if I matter. It was a big purchase for me.

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