Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rest In Peace Aunt Sylvia

My aunt passed away this past Monday, September 7th. It was sudden and expected. She had fallen and broken both shoulders on September 3rd, placed in a nursing home to recoup, escaped the nursing home, on the 4th. So much so fast.

She had her faculties. The oxygen they gave her at the nursing home had too much water? No I don't really understand but I would want to leave too if I could not breathe. When you put your fate in other people's hands you don't always get treated well. I am biased in that if I could not breathe, I would escape too.

It is one of the sad and peaceful deaths. There is never enough time. My dad and maternal grandmother passed within days of each other. He was 75 and she was 87. People would ask their ages and some seemed satisfied. One person said, well they were old. I appreciated the comment. Instead of the sadness I felt when people reminded me of my loss, I just felt "Are you crazy?" for a brief moment and then the sadness.

At my grandmother's funeral, it wasn't until my uncle acknowledged my dad's passing that I felt enormous grief. For a long time, I felt my grandmother passed because she had been diagnosed with the beginning of senility and she was not going to live that way. The fact that my aunt had the gumption to take her wheelchair and leave did not come out of thin air.

I now know that when your organs are shutting down, so is your brain. Death is not for the faint of heart. It is hardest when the person is alert. More tragic when they are young and did not get the chance to live their life.

My cousin shouldered the load. I'm very proud of her. My cousin runs a few facebook pages and sells soap. Her thoughts were to the effect, "We need to appreciate each other, we never know when it will be over."

My cousin's webpage is

She is the bomb and a bag of chips.

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