Saturday, December 6, 2014

Catch a falling star.

Bad moods are contagious, bad news too. I have not watched the news tonight. I don't know the news about the man killed in the chokehold in New York. I'm hiding from reality as hard as I can. It is a relief to watch a funny move, pump gas, pull weeds and do anything but listen to the problems of the world.

On NPR, Boehner was threatening to shut the government down because President Obama is not going to be his lapdog. And of course there are the riots with clever agitators at every corner of social media.

One woman stated she could feel the frustration of one protestor that no change was going to happen. You have got to be kidding me, the world flips on a dime for people?

This is a good CHRIS ROCK INTERVIEW  What I like most about the interview is it shows some depth of thought. He talks of the problem of pushing the envelope with the creation of a comedy show. He would hate me. I would like his comedy much better if he dropped the curse words.

Change is happening; African Americans have been saying racism is a problem and it is registering that their statement is credible. The problem is the sophistication and wisdom of the hearer. Simply agreeing is not the answer. Changing your behavior is.

People learning to hate is not going to be the answer. You forgot about social class news media. This is the gist of the problem. Everyone has disadvantages and roadblocks.

The wisdom is recognizing that some roadblocks are more difficult to surmount.

Protests are not productive in the short-run. I don't like the damage in Ferguson. I do like that people have the right to protest. I do like that police procedures will be reviewed to reduce the danger to all of us in a misuse of power.

Volunteering or donating money to help those in need is my preference. I give money to people begging on the side of the road. At least you know it is going to someone who needs it. How they use it is another question.

Anyway, we all need to find anything we find funny or gives us joy. This bitterness is going to kill us all. There is no privilege from negativity. Chris Rock says that Woody Allen writes dramas with jokes. Isn't most comedy drawn from tragedy. I mean when times are tough, we all do better with some wry laughter.

Locally, people seem to be stopping to be friendlier and more courteous to one another.

Just a curiosity, do people seem more cooperative and friendly in parking lots with slanted spaces or those with squared rectangular parking spaces. On the big grocery shopping day which my mother loves, the grocery with the slanted design seem to have more patient people.

My mom wears one of her jangly necklaces to the grocery story. She says people tend to stop and talk to her more. I think many are just touched by a woman her age is shopping in a grocery store and not wasting in a nursing home. She reads labels and studies all the merchandise. We try many items because it is on sale and she has a great coupon.

Some of the biggest lessons I have learned came from a painful experience. Our country will learn from these problems.

And - new problems will emerge. Such is life. No one person or happening can define a person or society.

Here's a link to test your prejudices    PREJUDICE SURVEY

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