Monday, December 1, 2014

Praise God, no one is interested in some of the dumb things I have said.

Elizabeth Lauten, laudy, laudy girl.

I was offended by the meanness of the comments. The reference to being dressed to go to a bar and having lousy role models as parents was almost unbelievable from a Representative's social media director. 

Bored looks from a teenager, I would have had a hard time looking interested in the affair. If Sasha and Malia were boys, they would have to be bribed with a extra hours of video gaming or someone told them they would take them on a turkey hunt afterwards. I have thought the Presidents having girls worked in their favor.

Then the pictures of the Bush girls, doesn't some people realize that the President's children get to be human like everyone else. How is posting their college social activities equalizing.

I'm guessing Elisabeth Lauten is 31. She was charged with shoplifting in December 2000 when she was 17. 

I have stuck my foot in my mouth and feel some sympathy for the beating she is taking in press.

Stepping down from her job is appropriate.  Her reasoning that several hours of prayer did not cut it. She should have know as soon as she posted how catty it sounded. Cattiness is a lifestyle and she should have learned better to not let the public know it.

I can't wait for the Saturday Night Live Sketch, Elizabeth Lauten's line of clothes for the bar room.

I feel relief with all the nastiness of politics that the general reaction is Ugh.

God has forgiven me of my sins and he forgives us all. I will chuckle at the punch lines; but, I do think Elizabeth Lauten should be given another chance. I think she has learned a cruel lesson that we all get in real life.

I also think the Obamas rock. They are a beautiful family to be admired.

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