Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

I haven't read Hilary Mantel's book Wolf Hall which has been adapted by the BBC and spawned the following article in the Guardian.

The size of codpieces used in 15th century Europe will be modified for US audiences. With all the f words, cursing, violence and sex in movies, the fact our puritanical roots need to be considered is what can I say, unbelievable? useless? ironic?

With money a driving force in filmmaking, this is why there are so many save the world action thrillers. They are sold worldwide, hence the business in show business. And yes I stole the last phrase.  A thoughtful historical piece or comedy has a more limited audience,

In acknowledgement of the ridiculous sensitivities or political correctness. And my puritan forebears, never mind Nicki Minaj's booty,

Cod pieces of the 15th and 16th Centuries.

   . Pencz Portrait of a Seated Youth by George Pencz (1544)

Archdukerudolf Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf of Austria (Coello)

Henri2 Henry II of France (workshop of Clouet)Louvre

The Soldier and his Wife Soldier and his wife (Hopfer etching)

Giorgione 011 German origin, National Gallery, London by Holz

PhilipIIofSpain Phillip II of Spain

File:Sir Francis Drake The Noblest Knight.jpg

Sir Francis Drake taken from

Servant walking two boys Servant walking two boys by Jost Amman

Henry Howard Earl of Surrey 1546
Howard Earl of Surrey 1546 by William Scrotz

Thank to Wikimedia Commons for all of these pictures. I need to donate a few to give back.

Anyway, with what we see on movies, you got to be kidding. What matters most is a good story.

I agree with Hilary Mantel, don't dumb down history.

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