Saturday, December 20, 2014


Christmas is not the holiday it was for me as a child. The fact that the holidays lead some to depression is understandable.

When you look at the images of Christmas with cherubic children delighted by their toys and you are not a participant but a spectator to the holiday.

For some struggling financially, not being able to give their children or grandchildren a nice dinner much less gifts, Christmas turns it back.

For people involved in domestic turmoil due to no provocation, well some provocation, or the perpetrator, Christmas is not the season of love.

For those who lay dying or have a loved one dying, Christmas is lost in the business of life's ultimate destiny.

All the hassles of traveling or deciding with which family you celebrate when you really just want to stay home, or being alone once again at Christmas

Christian stories to the skeptic can make the holiday as difficult as the crass commercialism to the faithful.

As an adult some Christmas are better than others but you never know. Because Christmas is the combination of all Christmas pasts jumbled together. The memory of Christmas past can bring sadness or peace in the present.

The excesses of Christmas in the celebrations we all share. Buddhist and Jews merrily celebrating the secular aspects of the holiday.

I know the fact that I will put a Christmas outfit on an unlucky dog may seem sad to some. Not having children and their children is a disappointment for me. I don't know if I am disappointed for never marrying. A good husband would be wonderful but the obedience would have been difficult for me. I have a jerk neighbor and I do feel sympathy for his wife. He pointed a gun at me and I bet he has pointed one at her.

I am a cultural Christian. There is much to improve your life with the philosophies. My dad said the Bible was a book of wisdom more than a book of truth. Living in the bible belt where so many of my brethren believe a literal interpretation of Bible makes me feel alone.

A family I know had a daughter placed in hospice during November. They have had good times and solemn moments waiting for the end. The eleven year old got to return home with hospice care. It looks like she is going to get one more Christmas.

I enjoy each Christmas. It is not a milestone, counting material possessions, a feel good blessed time with family and friends for me, or a particularly religious moment. It is day of being glad for what I have, knowing that I have another day to appreciate, and thankfulness for the wonderful Christmases I have had.

You bet I'll go to a movie on Christmas. I hope you have an equally good Christmas.

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