Friday, July 3, 2015

Badge 149: Shots Fired by Gary P. Jones

 Badge 149: Shots Fired!Badge 149: Shots Fired! by Gary P. Jones
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Badge 149 is a real page turner. I purchased the book at a writer's conference with no expectations. Each chapter begins and ends with you wanting to go to the next chapter.

The inside look at a law enforcement officers work was very honest. Frankly, I was concerned because lifetime retrospectives, and memoirs can be quite dull. This wasn't. It was the story of a good man and his experiences with law enforcement.

The book would be good for the young law enforcement officer to learn from. The book would be good for any young person embarking on any career. Gary Jones did a great job weaving dealing with politics that we all encounter in the workplace into the story.

I'm finished and intend to purchase the next book written by Gary Jones. I usually only read one book by writers I meet. Some are slow slogging. But I finished this book in two days. I had a hard time laying the book down.

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  1. Sure sounds like a great one indeed, any that can keep you turning the page works in my book, pun intended.

  2. Pun taken, lol. I do like the printed book over the electronic one. Fortunately, I have bought enough books at flea markets to last the rest of my life. I have this cruise planned one day where I will read Mark Twain's unabridged autobiography.


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