Friday, July 31, 2015

There's a new ghoul in town.

And it ain't me, peanut heads.

My favorite blog site closed down a year or two ago. It was generous in that it let someone like me write away and submit blog posts. Other posters had much more professional and active blogs. That was Trifecta and my only regret is that I did not make a donation or purchase some of their merchandise. There were 100 to 200 participants twice a week.

I had made a donation to a blog builder, post writer website. I stopped using them because of some nasty feedback about how bad my writing was by one of the editors.  I never enjoyed taking crap and I get away from it whenever I can. Besides, I like a good run-on sentence.

Anyway if you like to write flash fiction, this is a great site -

I am at a lost when it comes to serious blog posts. I know there are lots of big lady blogger sites that even have male members. It is just hard to find one that is active and where you can be at home. I did do the A to Z challenge this year and it did broaden my blog and give me more active blog sites to visit.

One thing I know in life is when you hit the wall so many times, you have to take stock.

I continue my blog in an act or perseverance.
I post pictures on my blog because people seem to like them.
I don't write about writing or the challenges I face about writing. It is right up there with how I cooked dinner.
I no longer feel the need to respond to all the social problems we have.
I may be alone in a Kudzu infested portion of Georgia located exactly at the end of the flat Earth.
I trust my voice.
I'm working on my Southern Gothic Vampire Tale which is not glamorous, sexy or profane.
I really am, no kidding.
Even though I don't like fantasy, horror tales. I've read too many and I've used up my quota for this lifetime.


  1. Taking crap is never fun, plus some people are rather uptight and can ruin it for others.

  2. Trusting your voice is a big step. Southern Gothic Vampire sounds interesting. And I do like your pictures.
    Susan Says


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