Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just say no, it will be easier.

I fell asleep in the recliner while watching television last night. The television autotuned to film Big Brother at Night. The night time taping is from last year where I would try to guess who was being voted off.

Afterwards, some Christian programming began and man I felt the guilt trip about not donating the $1000 dollars. Even though I was not awake, I thought, this preacher is phenomenal in having a sermon on why you should give them a $1000. I even thought, the outfit should be investigated. Then I woke up, turned the television off and went to sleep where I proceeded to dream about the plea for 143 people to donate $1000.

In the dream, I went through a different exit to avoid telling the people I was not going to donate. After going through the doorway, I was in a different world and there were fun things, and I dilly-dallied before coming back even though I did look for my home.

On returning, I went through another doorway and what do you know. Another world was there. The last world was dangerous and I was hiding out with two other people under brightly colored mulch. I then realised I had to go back to the original doorway and tell those people "No. I have no intention of giving you a $1000 donation.

What is a gal to do? Try to avoid the situation and dang the situation forces you to take the bull by the horns.

Then BoDuke decides to chase tom kitty in the bedroom. Thank God I woke up. I was exhausted from all that traveling, hiding from the law under bright red mulch for being in a world I did not belong.

Anyway, I looked up the website and hit the link for campmeeting. The following donor form popped up.  In the light of day, I could tell them absolutely no. I took a screenphoto of their donor site, but I have blacked out their names. I don't think they need any promotion whatsoever. But they weren't kidding about $1000 donation.

All I can think is I have a hard time getting someone to pick me up at the car repair shop and bring me back. And they can get an absolute stranger to give them $1000.


  1. Amazing what nuts like that can do. If you ever want to get rich all you have to do is become a religious spokesperson. Sometimes dreams sure are interesting haha

    1. The saddest story to me was an elderly man in my hometown who gave all his savings and took out loans to send money to missionaries. There ought to be a law where charities have to refuse large sums of money from people with little means. Makes you want to hollar.

  2. That's a wild dream. You sure knew you didn't want to give that donation. There are enough local projects in my own community that could use some financial help.
    Susan Says

    1. I give locally too. I'm not too keen on large scale charities. It is a shame I don't write sci-fi. These were some wild worlds.


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