Thursday, July 16, 2015

Procrastination Hell

What to write about? What shall I write about?

1. What about righteous indignation and people who have unfairly burnt my ass with that.

2. The books I am reading. I will but I want to take time to do them justice in a review. And no my saber is not sharp-edged. It is a butter knife in which I spread it on thick in good comments. I don't review the bad ones because I never finish them.

3. I could wax poetic about the days I finished every book I started no matter what. Maybe that is
why I stopped reading fiction for awhile. After I finish this outer space romance which is pretty good, I will be reading the Hardy Boys number 83 "The Swamp Monster".
4. Dang, I forgot the original number 2 because of the improvised numbers 2 and 3. Double durn, I guess it wasn't important because it is long gone.

5. Macon Film Festival, that could be my A to Z challenge next year.

6. The results of my googling righteous indignation.

7. The reading of narcissistic personality disorder instead of righteous indignation.

8. The discovery of when you read symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder, you worry you might have it. Just like you worried about having syphilis and gonorrhea in eighth grade after reading the symptoms even though you were a virgin and had never been kissed. Well kissed by someone romantically even though you thought of that cinematic happening several times a day. Maybe that caused herpes. But back in the day, no one knew about herpes. It was just the big two VDs.

9. You know if you are worried you could be a narcissist, you probably aren't.

10. It is normal for a teenager to be obsessed with their appearance. Speaking as a woman in throes of pre-senior citzenhood, I would scandalize everyone with the clothes I would wear if I woke up with a teenager's body. I can read the headlines. Look at that body from the back because when she turns around, you might pee in your pants. That chick is old.

11. I'm still trying to remember number two and frankly number three. They were so deep, I just know you would have thought I was cool.

This is my little BoDuke better known as the "Dude".
10. Well I thought of another idea for a novel I would like to write. I better go write it down before it disappears with the numbers 2 and 3.


  1. Hopefully you got some ointment for your burnt ass lol had to. Hmm I don't worry I'm a narcissist, is that a bad thing? Pup can run and play and get a drink, win win

    1. Ya fergit about it after awhile. Not enough time to dwell high and mighty. Most of my dogs like to swim, but getting a bath is another kettle o' fish.


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