Monday, March 20, 2017

Ta Da! Theme Reveal for A to Z!

My theme is really deep,

And no, it's not about gardening.

It deals deeply with humanity.

And not a handy dandy guide to hiding a dead body

It deals with the inner pathos of everyone.

Not just fellow writers who may need to know how their character hid a body

It deals with stories.

From all kinds of writers.

It is a list of more writers you may know or want to check out. Like any of us need more suggestions on books to read. I have a friend who got Kindle Unlimited. Now she no longer has to read lousy free books, her words not mine. If I find time to read, there is no way I am reading a lousy book. I hope you feel the same.

So my A to Z is a listing of writers I have enjoyed. The list is not comprehensive. The list does not include the numerous non-fiction writers or all fiction writers I have read. The list is a crazy quilt. Some letters have a lot of folks, some have one. A to Z dictates more of what is presented. Plus if I get one with the letter, I can talk about a related writer. X comes to mind.

This is my third A to Z. I look forward to using the comment method of sharing my blogs. I intend to participate with my other blog, Science Ladybug  I feel a lot of loyalty to A to Z. It opened me to some terrific blogs, blog friends. What impressed me the first year was how the "bigwigs" of the blogroll stopped to visit my blogs and comment.

Lately, I have done a lot of silent visiting. With A to Z, commenting everywhere I go will be my motto. My strategy is to read the five blogs listed above my comment and the five that will follow my comment. By April 1st, I will post a blogroll of blogs I visit on a regular basis. Maybe I will find the gadget that shows the blogs I visit.

To create a hyperlink this is the formula for Science Ladybug..

Hey, It's the Science Lady at  <a href=""> Science Ladybug </a>

And this is what it looks like.

Hey, It's the Science Lady at Science Ladybug

I look forward to visiting your blog and be sure to put your hyperlink in your comment on this blog so I can visit you.


  1. You certainly won't have any trouble filling up the letters with that theme.

    1. Surpisingly, N was the most difficult. But other letters got out of hand! Bad C, Bad C, quit coming at me with names.

  2. Here's a theme with endless possibilities! :) I look forward to reading about your favourite writers and will also check out your science blog. I'm in awe of anyone who participates with more than one! Where do you find the time?
    Debbie @ The Doglady's Den

    1. I'm very flattered with your comments. I don't really have time. It is a decision based on the fact I enjoy the A to Z run. It is great to read other people and hear from them too.

  3. A good theme indeed with I'm sure plenty of Authors to spare.

    1. But you can believe you are there. Who can forget profanity granny? I won't. I bought the book. ;=)

  4. Terrific theme idea, Ann! Folks will flock to this like birds to seed - including me ;-)

  5. Looking forward to reading your posts as time permits. Not doing the challenge thus year. Time constraints.


  6. I've wanted to try, but am not sure I'm up to the challenge. Trying to come up with theme is hard.

  7. I used that theme once and really enjoyed it. I look forward to who you select.

  8. I like your Theme. So I can say: I'll read you in April!


  9. I will be tuned in! I can make a hyperlink to my blog. How do you make one to a specific post, like for each letter? Hugs.

  10. Great theme for anyone who likes to read!
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead #AtoZChallenge

  11. Welcome back to A to Z Challenge. Sounds like some interesting reading ahead--on your blog and beyond.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out Theme Reveal: It's About Time

  12. In this day of "alternate facts" it is crucial to distinguish fact from opinion. What an interesting theme idea. I'll be back to check it out periodically. And thanks for visiting my theme reveal on personality quirks for character development. Hope to see you again.

  13. Hi Ann, I really liked your theme and tha t tip about 5 above and 5 below on the comment list, neat idea! All the best for a super A-Z

  14. That's a good theme. We'll fill up our TBR pile really fast.

  15. interesting theme , looking forward to it


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