Better the Joe you know

I wrote this flash fiction for Janet Reid's blog contest. However I did not use the key words.

flim, flam, watch, man, total in a 100 word or less story.

I'm going to the Macon Film Fest so I doubt I have time to retool it. So I'll share the WIP with you.

Joe's footsteps stopped Claire's reading on the porch.
Turning to smile, the same two quick eyebrow lifts when they met was all she saw through the screen door. I'm Joe Deal and a steal..
After finishing the space opera romance, Claire looked at fireflies, listened to Joe snore and wondered was there more to life..
A loud swoosh and a spacecraft with an elegant, dapper man emerged. My name is Joe Wish to sweep you away.
Claire gave the man a tired wave as she entered her house. “Better the Joe you know then the Joe you don't know”.


  1. haha yeah, the wrong Joe could lead one to get probed by aliens

  2. LOL! What else might he want to do to her?


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