Sunday, August 31, 2014

It was about 10 am. He was probably around 18 or 19, not chubby but with a little baby fat in his face. He needed money for a bus ticket. I did not have my purse and I told him I had no cash on him. I took a ten dollar bill from my purse and drove by him to give. He was listening to some woman.

What I noticed was he was miserable, probably hungry. I never give anyone a dollar. What can you do with a dollar. I don't know how much of a bus ticket he could get. I hope he could get home with a local bus. I had a brother who had to walk from Atlanta home. After about thirty miles, his shoes and he gave out. He made a collect call home and my dad picked him up.

When I gave the kid the money, he looked unsure but I did see a flicker of relief. He began walking out of the Sam's parking lot toward the main road. This was one time I think my small gift was being used for what the recipient said.

I've met children who have had the yoke of adulthood way too young. A teacher I worked with was giving the what forth to one of those old souls. I can understand she was probably right. I also knew that child had a better understanding of the world than she did. Sometimes right is not true.

Some teachers disliked me because I was too nice to the kids. So be it, the world is a tough place and I have done my share of dishing it out. If I can do something to make someone's life easier, great. I have always hated the slings and arrows of fortune.

My blood sugar has been high the past few days, it is finally coming under control. Yesterday, I ate chopped tomatoes with cottage cheese for one meal and two oscar meyer hotdogs for another one. A few slices of cheese before I went to sleep. I need to lose weight so a day of light meals is good.

I've been blessed. Most of my life I have had great health. It is disturbing to have a disease in which I have to make a choice daily about how long I want to live. I can ignore the problem and have a stroke.
I loved listening to Luther Vandross. He died of a complications of a stroke and diabetes. He said it was his own fault. He did not clean up his diet.

The last couple of months, I have been craving something sugary. Since I have a sugar problem, I have not eaten anything of the kind. I always tell myself I can have something tomorrow. Anyway, Luther Vandross probably had the same cravings. I think those cravings are a symptom of Type 2 diabetes. I had gone through a remission phase which is not quite true since I do not eat sugar.

It goes back to you don't really understand something until you have experienced it. That child I saw this morning. He was having a hard time whether he deserved it or not. The woman who was speaking to him was giving him a little chin music. I could see her disapproval when I gave him the money.

What I thought is we all need help sometimes. There is nothing wrong with a nappy headed young man asking. I hope he got home safely. It looks like he had a book bag and there is a college nearby. I may have wasted my money but if I didn't it was money well spent.

Anyway, I'm getting fired up for another letter to the editor on another topic. I'll publish it here. LOL. Like what we think really matters. I read a hoot this morning. A guy wanting to guarantee freedom to only be a conservative evangelical Christian.

Somehow people don't figure out that making people agree with you is not freedom. For the record, I am a conservative evangelical Christian. I just don't think politics and religion mix well nor do I think any religion has it right. The world has more mystery than answers.

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