Monday, January 26, 2015

Candid article on the net

Once a month, I plan to do a blogroll. They do give me something to write about. I also enjoy reading the other blogs which are usually mommy blogs. It takes too much time though. Puts me behind in playing my computer games. Did you know the biggest block of gamers are women my age. Single women my age also participate heavily in dog agility contests.

I have a hard time not reverting into an advice driven teacher. Arrgh, how do I stop. It comes unbidden. I would feel worse about it but I think women give advice too easily. I plan to return to water aerobics in which my unmarried status along with how much do I weigh or how much have I lost drives me nuts as the topic du jour of a few nosy women.

Today's post is to share an article I read.

Very candid article

It is unusual in the honesty of the politics of having a number one book or movie. One thing I noticed about actors is that those who managed their money well, were able to create opportunities for themselves to continue their career.

The article came home in that we all have worked in situations where connections propelled people to the top. Some are very competent, some very incompetent, with a wide range in between.

My advice-o-meter comes on in cautioning young people about the world. It is not just the Arts but business, education and other fields too. My dad always said be a good worker. They have to keep a few for everything to function. My dad said he had a civil servant's personality. Whether he liked you are not was immaterial.

People do achieve outrageously well and come from nothing, its just that a boost helps anyone. I worked with a women who had the principal brag about how she did student notebooks. She was doing the same thing many teachers were doing. I clapped. I liked her and her students benefited. But what ran through my mind was how she was glowing. It was like she was the only one.

The craziest for me are awards created to promote an organization. People will get just as excited about made-up awards. I used to joke that I was going to write a book titled, "I've never been teacher of the year but I've been called on the carpet a few times."

Anyway this is for a plea that I think accidentally showed on my FaceBook feed. What do you do when all seems futile in the news? You turn off the news and live a life. Ride a bike, watch a movie, go to work, start a hobby, clean your house, read a book, spend time with your family, visit folks in a nursing home. You have control over how you react, not what happens.

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