Saturday, January 3, 2015

Surrupticious Cat Videos

I look at my stats in the morning. I always wonder who is reading my blog. I also wonder if I should get a serious purpose to this thingamabopper.

Anyway I have more readers from the Ukraine, Poland, Russia and China than the United States many nights. I guess they are on the look out for any surreptitious cat videos the NSA may have accessed without their knowing.

I lost about 30,000 words to a novel through involuntary copying and pasting to nano word counter and obviously must have done a cut and paste. I wonder if the NSA could help me recover it.

Anyway, I am mystified why anyone in China would read my blog. Even more surprised that their firewall would allow anyone to look at an American's blog. Last of all, the google translation should be incredible. Some languages translate better than others.

When google began, I translated a French document on a computer at work. The system shut down and gave me a stern warning about accessing pornography. I did not go tell on myself and never heard anything from anyone.

Such is the luxury of working for a school system. They knew we would all make innocent mistakes. I had a monitor attached to my computer. One time out of habit, I turned off the monitor and the kids groaned. Afterall I was googling a picture of a rock. Well there it came, a large sample with an unshapely naked woman standing beside it. I did not share with them they were wrong, half the class would have run to my desk.

In the early 90's when they introduced internet and computers in the library, a librarian at an elementary school suggested the child put www dot hurricane in the news dot com in the web address window. Pornographic images loaded immediately. She thought quickly and exited the page. The page had code that allowed it to upload pop-up pictures.

They started to evacuate the library before anyone calmed down enough to unplug the computer. Sounds like an intro to a unit on alien invaders. Like have you ever seen that many people posing like that with a body these gals have. Silicon gel breasts that don't sag. I don't guess aliens wear clothes. Maybe a few should be shown in silver bodysuits. Where are the male aliens?

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