Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thinkin about droppin my pants

Thinkin' about droppin' my pants and riding the Marta train. The young hipsters are did it with various boxers. My blousy briefs should make a statement. I'll of course wear a new pair.

It was pantless Monday in various train stations around the world on January 13th. The internet keeps this old chick up with what is going on.  I guess I missed pantless Subway Monday or everyone missed my blousy bloomers.

I remember streaking. It was incredibly famous in 1973 and disappeared by the fall of 1974 when I went to college. I would not have done it. I had led such a sheltered life I would have never been able to run naked even with 6000 other kids.

Here is a recent video by Ray Stevens of his famous song THE STREAK

The news needs more levity. I have been following political pundits. They have two problems, they are replying and commenting too much which results in limited vision. I follow the liberal pundits because I lean in that direction. I follow conservative pundits because Facebook friends feel compelled to post them. What I can tell you is that they all write to people who want to have that opinion and truth is immaterial.

That being said, we will all be here tomorrow. Well hopefully, I'm getting older. Once you get in your fifties, it dawns on you that you are lucky to be alive. I have a bad neighbor. I wanted to move because it is so oppressive. Then I came back to Earth and knew it would be hard on my mother and well me to do that. I hope to live as long as my mother but you never know.

Caretaking takes years from your life. It is startling to know you need to keep a specific amount in your checking account in case you kick the bucket and bills can be paid for awhile. In other words, I am prepaying for my funeral and thinking about updating my will.

So I continue to write. I am writing a funny play similar in spirit to Greater Tuna. It is titled The Great Canadian Swamp of Florida. I might get arrested if I drop my pants.

Take care, Ann

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