Friday, January 30, 2015

The Sacred and Profane

"Sacred and Profane" painting by Titian circa 1513-1514 Tiziano - Amor Sacro y Amor Profano (GalerĂ­a Borghese, Roma, 1514)

I have got to load photos on Wikimedia Common since I borrow from them.

This is a beautiful painting from the early Renaissance. My first view of the painting was a website in which  a black X was placed over Ero's nipples. I wish I could remember the website.

Anyway, something I saw prompted me to look up the definition to profane. Yea, I knew what it meant. I just wanted to be sure and I came across this photo. Putting the Xs on Eros nipples seemed profane.

It is crazy, we watch the Academy Awards, Grammys, and gasp at some of the outfits. But we gotta put an X on a 15th Century painting.

Same problem today as then, current mores take precedence over common sense. My favorite piece of trivia is that during Victorian times is that people would point at the piece of chicken they wanted. It was obscene to say breast.

During fashion week in Paris, American designer, Rick Owen had male models walking the catwalk with penis exposed dresses. Of course they were dresses for men, not frilly women's stuff. The pictures are of course not suitable for work. This is a link to a Guardian article with pictures so it would not be suitable for work..

Point of view, point of view, Ce La Vie.

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