Monday, February 16, 2015


I dreamt that I was naked from the waist up. I was moving on a back country highway and I was headed toward the town I grew up. My destination was to get home where I live now.

In the dream, cars began to pile up behind me and I started running. My breasts were large and strangely firm like rubber balls on my chest. They definitely weren't natural boobs. Anyway, it was convenient when I ran.

Thankfully I woke up. I was dying of embarrassment.

It is not hard to know what your dreams mean. I looked up being naked in a dream and it meant what I thought it should mean. Actually there were five choices. Being naked in a dream is common.

Dreams can be so crazy. I have noticed you wake up when they get too crazy or unreal.

I had a dream about someone who pointed a gun at me. In the dream, I was able to take the gun and began to karate kick this person, really getting the upper hand on them. I woke up. Even in my dreams, this person would be able to beat me into a bloody pulp.

I usually don't remember any dreams. I do think it is your subconscious untangling thoughts. I've had two dreams where my father who has passed away visited me. I woke up shortly after and this has helped with my recall.

In one dream I was outside naked trying to finish the yard work I was doing. My dad told me to stop working and enjoy being with my mother and brother. My sister laughed about my being naked and doing yard work in the dream. Can you imagine the skin irritation from grass, dirt, insects, briars. I wear long cotton sleeved shirts in the summer to protect my skin.

One day my mind had fallen into thinking this world is all there is. There is no God, no afterlife, nothing. My dad came in my dreams that night. I don't remember anything he said.


  1. Dreams can sure help untangle a lot, or make us think a lot. Can't say I've had a naked one for a while lol

  2. I would have described more; but - dreams you remember can be pretty weird. I do a lot of cleaning in my dreams. It is a shame my house doesn't get cleaned at the same time.
    I appreciate the advice to get the A to Z out of the way. My project is a little larger than I thought. lol


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