Sunday, February 22, 2015

I bought a Serta Memory Foam pad to lay across my mattress. When I took it out of the box, it was incredibly compressed. After it decompressed, all that air it absorbed made it really heavy and difficult to manipulate.

Getting on the bed for a well deserved nap, the three dogs that sleep with me had their own reactions. Muffin who is a poodle mix, that is the latest vet's guess and she does have a laid back poodle personality, loved the new pad.

Louise was cool with it. But she let me know it was different. Dude who is a Chihuahua mix did not like it. But loving me, he could tolerate it. I've had the best rest I have had in a long time.

Now if I could get rid of the aggravations in my life. I'll be howling at the moon later tonight.

I had started sleeping on a sofa around 2009. I had a room added onto my house so my sister could live comfortably in the house. Long story short, I had too much to do to set up my bedroom that I had added. You get behind, you get more behind. Then I quit my job in 2010 and really the journey began. You have to have time to coherently know your situation.

I'm too lazy to meditate. I like the zing, zing, zing of reading another book, watching television, walking the dog. I get my best writing ideas while mowing grass. I would say talking to people but I am talked to death. I know this is not a good attitude for my mental health. I plan to go back to water aerobics to socialize as well as exercise.

I had gotten use to sleeping on my side on a sofa. My special dog Frankie, slept at my feet. Then Louise began to sleep along my legs. Sounds cramped but her body heat stopped my legs from cramping at night. When Frankie passed, Louise wasted no time taking his spot on the sofa. 

Muffin would sleep on the floor beside the sofa. Dude slept on the back of the sofa. Heaven help me sort my dogs out if I ever have a man in my life.

It is daunting to know you are growing older. I've felt the invisibility of being retired. I had the idea to not talk about writing until I was ready to publish. I did not know that four years later; I would be no closer. So I stand in that no man's land of what I do. My type A personality flickers like a spark of electricity going nowhere.

Well I make sure folks are where they are supposed to be, the dishes are washed, negotiate their feelings, juggle what I can do. Shrug off what I can't do. I've opened up to people I would have just passed with the least interaction I could.

I would make a list of resolutions of what I will not do as I grow older. I know better than to tempt fate. I think I will just keep a vague thought. One thing I do know is you grow older as the same person you were when you were young. You do change from experience and resolution; but, that template of how you react to life is there.

Now my stories are totally fictitious. There is an element of an alter ego that I guess could be called wish fulfilment that are the germ of an outrageous piece of dialog. Sort of like actors think of something terribly sad to bring tears for a scene. I also find myself incorporating aggravating people into stories. They are so rich for exploitation. So the beware, don't make me mad or I will write about you is not a threat but a truth.

Anyway, I hope everyone sleeps as well as I will tonight on my memory foam.


  1. Good you got a nice rest. I went and bought one of those 2000 mattresses because my back sucks and the old one wasn't doing it any good. Sounds like the dogs have it great indeed. haha oh I rant about aggravating people, but usually give them a nickname so they don't know it

    1. My family made me promise to not write about them. They are pretty boring anyway.

  2. I always sleep on my side. Years ago I went through a phase when I slept on my stomach, but that was before my heart arrhythmia was detected fixed so I think I was sleeping that way because of some kind of discomfort. We probably need some kind of pad like you describe on our mattress though it seems to be pretty comfortable right now.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. You would like the pad. I really bought it on a whim. It was just so cool how it unfolded itself as it expanded. The toys we have as we get older.

  3. Hey Ann! I used to meditate all the time back when I had, well, the time! I totally know what you mean about getting your best ideas while mowing grass. That's kind of like me and washing dishes. I get through writer's block by doing things that don't require much mental power, but keep me walking around or my hands's easier for me to think without thinking *too* hard like I would at my desk.

    Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by my blog a couple weeks ago, by the way :) Sorry it took me so long to visit!

    Wendy Lu Writes

  4. When A to Z starts, it is going to be hectic. There are so many blogs to try to visit. I have sampled a few everyday.


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