Saturday, February 28, 2015

Liberal Christians are going to Hell is the message from the sage bible expert Jessa Duggar Seewald. Growing up in the Bible belt, her message is not new. With 613 mitvok or commandments that Orthodox Jews try to observe, it could be worse.

My mother grew up on the Alabama portion of Lookout Mountain. People would just get up and build a new church when they disagreed with the old one. The particular brand of Baptist is just called independent that the Duggar's observe.

They wear long hair and dresses like the Holiness church but plenty of make-up. The wedding was gorgeous but something that ostentatious does not jive with the New World Protestant religions. Of course it makes better television and more money for TLC and the Duggar family.

In my opinion, the Duggars are a bunch of celebrated nuts. I knew of women that had 19 children of my mother's generation or before. Most started as teenagers and not in their mid twenties as the matriarch of this clan. Like many women, I think of the toll your body takes when pregnant. To have had 19 pregnancies is like unimaginable.

Her opinion causes me no grief. God made me a liberal Christian for a reason. Now how is that for a hard shell Baptist answer.

I also grew up sheltered and had to eat my words along my way in life. Jessa may get to live her life in the cocoon the money from TLC is earning from them. More likely life will give her the bumps and bruises it gives us all.

 I am more concerned about the callousness of politicians to manipulating the media. Calling the Keystone Pipeline of the Koch Brother's a Job's Bill rankles me because there is an audience receptive to it. The Democratic candidate in Georgia, Michelle Nunn, was also in favor of the Keystone Pipeline.

Myself, it is sort of like locating a new garbage dump. You need it but put it as far away as possible. My problem with the oil pipeline is that we need to do a better job of conservation and exploiting other energy sources. I don't particularly care about the Koch brother's bottom line.

These people that are voting for the Koch brother's tax breaks don't understand that they don't always trickle down. Sometimes, they just keep it all for themselves. They don't understand what it is like being part of the great unwashed. They keep it as far away from themselves as possible.

But like Humpty Dumpty, "All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Humpty together again." It is a caution to us all including the Koch brothers.

Below is a political blurb from Facebook. One post, I'll post carried away logic of liberals.

One point I always like to share is that no matter someone's opinion, you will be surprised who steps up for right. 

Leon Addleton, who was the preacher of the Baptist Church I grew up in would insist that the Baptist religion began at the time of Christ and not as an offshoot of the Congregationalist of New England, was the only pastor to recognize that my sister's schizophrenia was a disease of the brain and counseled my parents accordingly. This was in 1981.

The Keystone jobs bill was passed in a bipartisan, bicameral way to help American families and create jobs. It's ridiculous that President Obama vetoed it.
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Heck no I don't agree. This is just payback for the Koch brother's financing your campaign.



  1. All comes back around to money. Always does. The rich just want to get richer.

  2. I could think of better blogs to write. You are right about money. The only thing I have seen a principal of a school be fired for is the poor managing of money.


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