Sunday, February 15, 2015

Impulse Control

No I did not have a hot date for Valentines. If I do, I know I will dump everything and have some fun . Damn the torpedoes.

Part of having an organization problem is not being able to rationally know what you can realistically do. I surf the net and find more and more of what I need to do to write my multitude of novel ideas.

But the ding dang novels aren't getting written, my house is decorated in whirlwind modern. I'm taking a load to Happy Hour Service Center's thrift shop. I would have done it Friday; but, I am having a hard time parting with a new looking coffee table and end tables.

Yes I know how a hoarder feels. Then I can load it up tomorrow morning with that thought in mind.

If you see me in evening gown at the grocery store on senior citizen Wednesday, you need to understand that I have reached a wear it part of my life. All these clothes on sale and I have stocked enough to last the rest of my life. If I lose some weight, I could bring the 80s back.

I've decided on a schedule.

Next Wednesday starts my online class on how to write a romance. It will last six weeks.

Meanwhile, I've decided to fill in the blanks for my A to Z challenge. I plan to display a play I have been writing in my mind in 26 equal parts or scenes of a two act play. I downloaded a kindle edition of Playwriting Seminar 2.0 by Richard Toscan.

It is about the Canadian occupied territory of Florida called "Sweet Bay" which happens to be a swamp.  Two characters who I love and know, Umbertine Dearwood and Cornelia Mills live there.

The A to Z challenge should be easy to keep in alphabetical order. I have unabridged printed dictionary. When all else fails, I will make up a word. I already know how to not care when I run a sentence on. Fragments still stink.

So I got three major things on my schedule. I also want to read "A Tuna Christmas" by Joe Sears and Jaston Williams for inspiration. More importantly, how long scenes should last and how to pack a zillion characters in a story. This is the South, we travel in packs.

Plus, I got to write on my two main WIP that are not in progress.

Did I say I had a schedule?

Heh, Heh, you know I don't.  I am flying by the seat of my pants. I'll fall asleep reading Tuna Christmas and Playwriting Seminar. I will get the A to Z written. These girls are just a bubbling and talking and I got to slow down and write.

Meanwhile, I'm going to peel some potatoes. We are having cubed steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and salad for dinner.

Hasta la vista baby.

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  1. lol sometimes flying by the seat of your pants isn't a bad thing. Sounds like a fun a to z will be had at your pad. Canadians in a swamp, what could go wrong?


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