Sunday, February 8, 2015

I got out of the house last night.

So much can change so fast.

I have to remember how I feel when my mother has a health crisis. I understand the biblical commandment of Honor your parents that their days be long. Three or Four thousand years ago, people felt the pressure of taking care of elderly parents.

Its the crankiness and demanding nature that eats your soul away. This is a post that has to mellow or never be posted. I am moving toward mellow.

My current life is much like the ocean tides. It is ebbs and flows of feeling incredibly trapped to moments where I feel satisfied everyone is well.

I went to see Bill Maher last night. It was cool to see him in person. I did not get to the Macon Auditorium until ten minutes after the show started. There were no parking places close. After a twenty minute search, I took a place about three blocks away in a spookier section.

On one corner were three adult women sitting on the steps of a building with a male standing nearby. I crossed the road and passed a young man and woman with their backpacks and bedrolls. I was at the point of returning and going home. After all, how long was a comedy routine going to be.

I got in, seated and it was a good show. I did not enjoy all the sly sexual jokes to describe people. I think sexual references are so overused. My favorite joke was "it would take the entire Palin clan a week to find Crimea" on a map.

The entire spiel was interesting. He was thought provoking and obnoxious at times. I liked that he pointed out that the United States was not necessarily the best country on Earth. It was just our preference.  He was obnoxious with the religion blather. If you are a believer, you usually have a reason. I have been agnostic. It is just that during a hard time in my life, I opened to faith.

I don't believe the only the reason for religion is a fear of death. That's why we have so many "ghostbuster" shows. Religion also helps you accept the bumps and bruises of life. I looked up Bill Maher on Wikipedia. It's stated he is not an atheist but has turned away from organized religion. Being as organized religion is a product of humans, corruption is inevitable.

He ended with some Cialis commercial analysis gags. I wish I heard the first part. I will have to leave earlier next time. However, what put my mother in a sour mood this morning was my dog Loretta barking all evening until I came home.

Anyway, if I want to go to some evening shows in the future, I will have to board Loretta. Oh the walk back was clear with so many leaving the auditorium. I have a mix of guilt and relief that the street dwellers clear out.


  1. Hello! Just joined the blogging challenge, and I see you did as well- I really like your blog! Where are you from? Check out my blog-


  2. I think comics like to offend everyone a little bit. I enjoy the ones who make fun of themselves rather than other people.

  3. I prefer John Stewart to Bill Marr, and I am missing the Colbert Report, and looking forward to his new show. I have been classifying myself as agnostic, lately. I do keep a low profile here in the Bible Belt. I don't feel it necessary to talk about it.


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