Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Four books I've read.

I have read four very different books recently.

My favorite is the biography of Roxanna Britton by her great-grandmother Shirley S. Allen. The story starts in 1850 with Roxanna Britton Comstock who has been recently widowed with two small children. The moves she makes back to Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Nebraska and Elsinore, California tell so much about the life of a pioneer and the lives of women.

I have almost finished the book, "A Brownstone in Brooklyn" by Julius Thompson. I met Mr. Thompson when he taught a novel writing course with Emory University Continuing Education. The novel is a fascinating tour of the turbulent sixties civil rights movement effects on the residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. It is an engaging story of a young man Andy Pilgrim navigating a shifting world.

The next two books are genre's that I do not normally read. I like to stretch my range, and they were good books. Both books were romance books and they were made more interesting with the combination of another genre with that format.

The Crows by Maris Soule is a romantic thriller. P. J. Benson has to face self-doubt, accusations and menacing threats to her safety after a dying man stumbles through her backdoor into her home.

The Queen's Marine by Susan Gourley is a romantic science fiction novel. Queen Callie and her female crew find their ship crashed on an uncharted planet and brought to safety by scorned soldiers who were bred to be the powerful perfect soldier.

I read all four on my Kindle. I'm a paper and ink book person, but it wasn't bad reading the Kindle.


  1. A good mixture of genres and books indeed. Kindle does make it a lot easier to get the book and start reading right away.

    1. I had downloaded several books but never read any. I just didn't like the idea of the e-book. Well I was stuck waiting in the car for an hour waiting on my brother. I read half of the crows in that sitting. The Kindle is not that bad. I still like a slim paperback best though.


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