Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rap, rap, rapping on heaven's door, Opps wrong genre.

I've been listening to a rap station. Well one time, but I plan to do it some more. I'm an adventurer whose big adventure sometimes is listening to a rap station. No I do not like rap. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

The new car has Sirius radio. I get the six month free trial. It is great. Almost as great as having a cellphone. When I first got a cellphone, I thought I was wasting my money on something I would never use. I had a friend who told me wide eyed that I would not know what I did before I had it.

Within a month, I bought my dad a cell phone for father's day. My dad chewed my butt out about it. I just got him a bill to pay. I told him, I had paid for it. He would not be getting a bill. Within a month, he was a cellphone addict. One time I called him. He said, talk away. What a queasy feeling to know he was driving.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away the next December. When my mom moved in with me, I transferred her home telephone number to the cellphone.

I drive the older car when it is just me. I wait in a parking lot waiting on my brother's bus. I like driving an older car to not attract attention. The bulldog in the backseat does not hurt. She doesn't care what is on the radio. I like pop music. I just get tired of the constant replay of the same tunes. I like country music. Next year are the elections and the Republican party obviously own the country music stations.

The commercials are bad but the commentators are worse. I truly am an independent. If someone is guaranteed your vote or business, you are dependent on them to give good customer service. I vote Democrat now because the Republican party has no reasonable leader. They all say the same thing regardless of what they believe. They have a hard core base that get them elected in the off years.

The only Republican political candidate of any value in my opinion is Chris Christie. He's a politician but at least you get the feeling he will do what he needs to for the country.  Politicians know their first job is to be elected and they say what will get them elected.

I can't support Republicans. Climate change is real and needs to be dealt with.

This is why I listen to NPR. It can be really interesting. But sometimes you have that intellectual "foo foo" discussing how a hangnail can be devastating if you happen to spend the year thinking about the tragedy of sitting in a Burmese prison while you are on holiday in Thailand.

So that Sirius is some good stuff. However my mom hates the radio playing. The new car is for hauling her around, so me and the dogs jive a little when we wait in the car during grocery shopping. I've noticed my sister finishing early to return to the car.

My mom loves to grocery shop. Looking at all the containers of sundry foods, etc. takes about two to three hours for each store. I accidently got a second store on the list by stopping for a few things a few years ago. My mom wants to add a third one so badly. They have motorized scooters with a grocery basket that mom uses. She dresses up and wears her jangly jewelry. People like to help her in the stores.

 I hope she can shop her entire life. Meanwhile, I deliberately spend twenty to thirty minutes in the car reading and listening to the radio before going in.

I plan to hook up the phone that is part of the car's OnStar package. The first 300 minutes are only $10. They know if I use it a little, I'll be hooked.

I hope this does not happen with Rap music. I plan to listen to more. Stretch my old fogeyness so that I can make a film that resonates with this upcoming generation. Elements of rap are in all genres of music and each decade has it's own style. I love following Battle of the Bands with a few blogs. These guys know tunes, styles and artist I am totally unfamiliar with.

Meanwhile, it will be a while before I find myself rap, rap, rapping on heaven's doors. Edgar Allen Poe and Bob Dylan are served notice, I am using my poetic license.



  1. haha not much of a fan of rap either, but some of it is okay. Dogs don't care what is playing though. Yep, politicians are all about getting elected first and then doing nothing later so they can get elected again.

  2. I often sit in the car and read on my phone while Ray goes in the stores. Drives him crazy but it's so relaxing to me.

  3. I always have a book along when I might have to wait. My car has blue tooth so I can always use my phone hands-free. I don't like grocery shopping and hurry through the store.


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