Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sending Good Christmas Wishes Your Way

It's Christmas eve. Words are quiet and slow.

I've been to the Flint river and it is out of it's banks. I've known we needed a new roof. We have a leak. Hopefully some of the rain will slow over the holiday season while I make plans for roof repair and/or replacement.

We were supposed to have a horrible storm this morning and it bypassed us. It looks like the same will be true this afternoon. I hope the after Christmas sale sirens sing weakly and my mother and sister don't want to do a ton of shopping. For my mother, it is frustrating. Eating dinner out is very tiring. However, when she is fired up from reading the sale ads, the only thing that will calm her is the actual going. Then the sadness from not having the energy emerges.

I need to contact a roofer by Monday and get something scheduled. Meanwhile the wind and thunder have arrived for a short, heavy downpour. Maybe this will be the last round. The rivers are high enough. The county was clearing the culvert that runs under the road in front of my house to the Flint. I hope the boom, boom, booms tonight will not be trees falling from the saturated ground.

So, I am dreaming of a dry Christmas with highs close to 80. Not the first warm Christmas I've experienced. I enjoy the six weeks of winter with heavy frost in the morning. So far, it has been a maudlin, miserable two days of the designated forty-two. Oh well, the temps are supposed to drop January 2nd. There is always the New Year. Red leaves on the backyard pear trees will finally fall.

It's been a wonderful peaceful day. I wish you the best this Christmas season. Cheers.


  1. Nice temps here at my sea. No snow and ice is fine by me. Ugg to the roof though. Hopefully it is an easy fix. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks for the good wishes Pat. I know you enjoy a little less snow and ice.


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