Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dreams are good

Topics seem scarce for me. I'm not depressed. The troubles of the world hover too close. 

I read a title to a blogpost that disappointed me. At first I was not going to read it. I live amongst too many folks who can have those opinions. Humbly, I say they can't see past their nose. I decided to read the post because I like the blogger. I was delighted he did not have the opinion of the post title.

You have to be careful about hopping to conclusions. Sometimes you are wrong, sometimes you need to understand why a person feels the way they do. I used to assume people did or thought things because of what had happened to them. I no longer feel that is always the case. Sometimes people are mentally ill, evil or careless.

A friend posted this

Supposedly you have a chance to win a month's stay in a castle in France. Meanwhile you market the dreams and a money maker for a young couple, smart kids.

Dreams are good.

As an American, I don't know what our attraction is for castles and knights and the round table of King Arthur. As a woman, I would be jealous of Queen Guinevere. To be ordinary is a lot to be thankful for but not enough for all the attention someone so beautiful, so witty, so charming would hold.

I think of writing a play around a hot Queen Guinevere who is rude, crude and sometimes a little rode hard and put up wet. That would put my Prince Earl Eugene in his place. Oh man, he would still have the hots for her and brag how he likes a woman with sass. Then I would have a subplot where I deal with women need to be on the roundtable. A group of only men is for fairy tales only.

This is my perception of Europe. I admire how smart they are. I don't like them noticing how stupid we can be. I know they are not always right. I like the idea of my roots being European. Then I realize that we are descended from the malcontents, poor, disaffected, prisoners and religious fanatics. Then there is a whole another category of ancestors coming from Africa, Asia or Indigenous to North or South America.

But Americans are all cool with castles and Kingdoms where Justice and Mercy were always fair and plentiful. A little hazy history is good for us all. It rates right up there with the romanticism of so much in the past that never existed. I would make a list but you probably have your own.

My big question would be "Is it haunted?". I would like the haints to be friendly. I do scare easily. However, what is the use of an old castle if you don't have the past busy talking to the present. The castle is in France. Why did folks put the French flag on their Facebook profile? We love the French.

And for those who don't love the French. Just fancy I win the free stay. I will spend October brushing up on my high school French. Being a senior citizen, you can just imagine the misery of being polite to this senior American speaking horribly unintelligible French with too damn much to say. Who knew I had the potential to be a leading Volgan poet.


  1. lol all I know in french is how to ask to go to the bathroom and some swear words. I wouldn't get far. Castles seem great, but living there in that era would have been nasty. Germs galore, blah. Sometimes titles can throw one off, especially when you have a load of nonsense like the cat does lol

    1. Orlin and Cassie have told me that you be in love with Queen Guinevere too. LOL, I agree, it would be rough living in one.

  2. I hope you win. Castles fascinate me with their sense of mystery and history. Hey that rhymed!! Lol.


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