Monday, August 26, 2013

Got a new coyote or two.

I had missed the old coyote's call for quite a while. Late in the evening or early in the morning it would give it's injured wail for my dogs. One evening it caught me unaware several years ago in the field west of my house. I'm walking with my dogs and I hear it. Muffin is beside the woods where the call originates.

Four small dogs and three large dogs. I pick up the youngest of the small dogs because my brother would be so upset if the coyote got it. Somehow, Muffin is at my feet making two tenth's of a mile change in position within a matter of seconds.

I walk with my dogs in a tight formation. Two large dogs in front and the largest in back. Three small dogs at my feet. When we round the woods the dogs just casually fall out of formation. The one I'm carrying wants down. They reacted to the danger and knew when it was over.

Last week I saw a coyote eating pears from a tree in the back yard. I hope the field camera got good pictures. I'm having difficulty loading the internet provider software on the new computer. When I get that fixed, I will download the photos and post any interesting ones.

This morning I heard the new coyote. Different voice but the same message. The animal changed the location of its injured status in three areas quickly. I suspect there is more than one. I am working harder on a small fence in my backyard. The chi chi's are fierce. proud, and possibly good coyote eating.

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  1. That was a tense moment, I'm sure. It's interesting how the dogs sensed when the danger had passed.


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