Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mosquitos and a prayer chair.

I watched the tail end of a Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. The reverend suggested a prayer chair. I thought, it is in the quiet I've made some of the most life changing decisions in my life. Living with people and too many pets makes the idea of solitude absurd.

I had my Boduke and a guest dog, Boo Boo on a short walk in the woods today. I thought I could put a chair in the woods and meditate. Listen for wisdom as the wind swooshes through the upper canopy of leaves.

I have a problem neighbor who is very aggressive and is working hard to shoot my dogs. As big of an a-hole as he has been, I know two things about him. 1. He is a liar. He will say and do despicable things to me but he will sing like an angel to others. 2. He has called the sheriff to me and made false accusations. My dog is terrorizing his horses and I am vandalizing his fence.

How do you manage someone like this? I know I could talk "sh-t" - I am getting a hell of a lot of writing from this. Experience tells me the facts. He is good at this. Been doing it a long time. He is a pro and I am an amateur.

Yesterday, we heard rounds of gunfire and shotgun blasts after we returned home. It has dawned on me someone cannot just fire a gun wildly. At one time it was a predictable pattern, then he did it occasionally. Of course it could be someone standing next to his property line creating the uproar.

In short, I stay out of his eyesight. I have my own property to walk my dogs. The dog in question stays on a leash. My conscience is clear in that I know where the dog has been. It will not stop the accusations but as my lawyer told me. He has to prove it was my dog.

This is why I have needed a prayer chair. Walking in the woods, I asked the question. How do I mend the relationship with someone so underhanded and hostile? I realized he is damaged. He has lost total faith in other people if not worse.

I sat down in a chair I keep at the wood's edge. Mosquitos swarmed me. I went back to the house with the two dogs.

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