Friday, August 16, 2013

Helen had a meltdown.

I'm still watching Big Brother after dark. Some of the drama plays out. It is fascinating that they build a show based on snippets of activity and diary room sessions.

I fast forward through commercials. And yes I sleep through some. My dogs lie on the couch with me.

These kids, spend a hundred days in the house. The ones who exercise seem to handle the stress of the peculiar better. The ones voted out before jury lose monetarily. They win in not having to live with people they may not like, the insincerity, being away from your family ...

Helen's friend has her limit. She really does not like another houseguest. Winning is not worth pretending to like her. Helen has done the best job of building relationships.

Helen has been caught scheming against Amanda. They had the chance to vote Amanda out several times. Now she runs the house.

Oh well, the folks in Egypt have got bigger problems. I think about people my age in Egypt. Starting their fortunes over.

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