Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back from a break in internet.

Life is hectic for everyone. I have to take a break from the internet now and then. I am infamous for scrolling the newsfeed of Facebook and not doing what needs to be done but hey there is no emergency. I could use a few people to threaten to visit me to get my house in order.

Frankly, it will be in order when I move. I just lack the organisation and "hop to it" genes. Not a deadly combination just an eyesore.

I don't have the software for my ISP and the computer that works and is connected works when it feels like it. I had considered getting a different internet service which I may but I have learned the hazards of using the ISP email address. I got to get a more permanent email address which I actually use. Transfer a great deal of my life over to it.

When I started, I never realized how big an email address would become for me. I use it in so many ways. What a great knockoff of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famous sonnet I could make using this idea. However, I would never spoil one of the English language's most loved poems.

I want to thank everyone who sent me a private message. Like many people, I have made some dear friends on the internet. Taking a month off has helped me see the forest instead of the trees. I called myself being undisciplined. I now know, I will take a week off every two months and post less. A little introspection is good.

I have been working on my screenplays of which one more has developed and and another one is dancing in my mind. Soon, I will have quite a selection of unfinished work. LOL, life is good and I wish the same for you.

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