Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I read a young American Jewish woman's blog about the war between Israel and Hamas. She was stating that this felt like a genuine turning point in Israel's history.

I've been envious of people born into a dogma. I would have loved to have been Catholic, Jewish or even Methodist. Instead, I attended a baptist church as a child. I was baptized then I went to college. It is not the education but the inevitable. I drifted from the belief.

 In high school I went to a David Wilkerson sermon. He predicted the second coming of Christ around 1976. The world was at war and at odds with itself. I debated do I go to college. Christ did not return but my doubts of the existence of God did.

I went through years of agnosticism. I faked religious belief to be saved the hassle of being an unbeliever. Later I became a believer. Just not one to follow dogma. The realization it was not God or Jesus I had a beef with, it was how people manipulated other people with their beliefs.

I've got a developmentally delayed brother and a sister who suffers from a severe mental illness. This changes my view of God. I buy into Eastern religion's belief that these people come into this world to teach the rest of us something and they are advanced souls. Each of these two people have a grace.

The purpose of this post was not to make a record of my religious mindsets. It is more detailed than I can sum here. My thoughts were on the unrest of the world and thankful I don't live in Ferguson, Missouri.

I've often thought they have these incidents in outlying regions of the South. My thought is that the United States has never acknowledged that racism is a problem throughout the United States and the world. Acknowledging the problem in the South was a start. I read about the Philippines. Before 1900,they had a horrible caste system which I am sure is present today. It has to be to have been so complex.

Us versus them. So many of the world's problems link to this. The world is an ugly place to live. I am thankful that my life is so comfortable with the world's problems looming ever around us.

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