Saturday, August 16, 2014

Only one watermelon plop this year

First big watermelon plop of the season was in the middle of a eight lanes at a divided highway intersection. Usually they are along the side of the road. Crimson red with firm green rind that will be only a memory in a day with the hot sun.

Today was a beautiful day. I drove by fields of deep, undulating green leaves of soybeans. Row farmers grow at least three if not four crops each year. Winter months are used for winter wheat. Then corn, vegetables, sorghum  canola followed by a crop of soybeans. Peanuts and cotton are grown next and what do you know, it is time to put wheat in again.

My goal was to keep a video and picture file of wildflowers on parade. Well, that has petered out. But I am charging the batteries to my cameras.

I've been reading a fascinating book, American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America by Colin Woodard. Gliding from topic to topic in a conversational style, you find yourself riveted and "say what" when he slams the region you are from with the facts. In 300 pages, he sums the nature of the United States underlying passions. A history that is withered in summation is surprisingly vivid and meaningful. My family lines date back to the 1600's so I can see many of the regions in my family's tree and stories.

A great read! I would find myself quickly reading a paragraph at occasionally long red lights. Hell no, I don't read when I drive. Even though I would like a gadget that would read a paper bound book. I like the feel of a paper book. My eyes aren't so tired from reading a kindle or computer.

I've been slow to post. Another broken laptop. This one will last a while. It has a crappy plastic feel to it's narrow plastic keys. I have a desktop that I don't connect to the internet and then a blabbermouth which is what I call my laptop. Ready to pounce or lurk on social media. Take care.

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