Sunday, August 3, 2014

Snakes Stay Away Please.

I walked out into the garage talking on a cellphone. I wanted to not see what I saw. Pretend it was not there. A rattlesnake was stretched across some steps with it's head peering into the garage. Then it moved in underneath the lawnmower I had in the corner.

I brake for snakes. I appreciate a kingsnake I see close to my house. I will kill a rattlesnake in my garage. Rattlesnake venom is difficult. I had a dog to die from a rattlesnake bite. She was in such bad shape when we got to the emergency vet, I had her put down. When I buried her, she sounded like a bag of water.

Dialing 911, I knew I needed help. I went into the house and told my family not to come outside. Officer Bishop came from the Peach County Sheriff Department. The snake had gone under a lawnmower. I had moved so much trash out of the garage to clear a path.

Basically we swept the snake out of the garage. I had a large push broom and basically shoved it clear of the house and garage. The officer loaded a shotgun to shoot the snake but it was too close to the house. Walking around the car, not ten seconds later, the snake had vanished.

I was relieved. I did not want to kill it but I knew better than let a large rattler take up homestead in my garage. Their venom is very difficult to survive from. Of course I need to put a snake trap in my garage or nearby for safety's sake. Ei Yi Yi, too much thinking I fear.

Anyway, I got paranoid the snake got in the car. Long story short, I put my mom's cellphone on top of the car and opened doors to look for a snake. Carefully, I cranked. I know illogic is ruling. I back up and drive down the driveway, turn left and drive about one mile down the road and then drive back.

Returning, I couldn't find the phone. I did throw out junk from the garage. Turned the garbage upside down to look through the garbage. Because my mom loves her phone, I went to the store and purchased her another one. When I came to the end of my driveway, I saw a piece of the cellphone. I picked up most of the pieces. The SIMs card was in good shape.

All is well that ends well. I just don't want another snake to stop by.

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